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Whats your Identity?

Stand proud, stand tall and have fun with it in order to create intrigue…

A lot of athletes have trouble with their identity, especially when they retire. So today I want to talk about identity, now you don’t have to be an athlete but it’s about identity. Whatever profession you do, whatever job you do, even if you’re a mum, a domestic engineer at home and a mum of two and look after the house, I want to encourage you to find a way to supercharge excite and ignite your identity. So instead of (let’s give you an example) me being “a volleyballer”… boring or I could be “a volleyballer” … but “I am the best-looking volleyball player”, “I’m the greatest volleyball player” whatever you choose to put in there “I look the best in my bikini volleyball player”.

I spoke to a group of real estate agents and so instead of calling yourself a “real estate agent” because let’s face it some people might not think that’s a good title, I had people call themselves a “property professional”, a “hustler” you know hustle people for their money and help the owner. So, think about your profession, think about what you do, and think about how you can add some fun exciting adjectives that actually draw people into what you do.

So not only am I a “motivational inspirational speaker” but I am “the most awesome motivational speaker you’ll ever hear”! So yeah some people might think that’s cocky and arrogant – there’s a fine line, you have to be proud, you have to have a good posture and you have to stand in your identity. So have fun creating your identity and part of mine is that “I’m a superhero athlete” so I look forward to hearing what yours might be! Have fun!

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