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Total Success Summit 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney With Natalie Cook

Total Success Summit 2017: Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT > Total Success Summit 2017: Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney – Free Gold Tickets!

So some exciting news! I’ve been given the honour to speak on the Arnold Schwarzenegger stage at the Total Success Summit in Sydney in March – to be precise, the 21st and 22nd of March (2017).

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Sydney!

Arnie is coming to talk to us about his success strategies and there’s a whole lot of other successful people that are going to share some of their stories, so it’s pretty awesome to be invited to share the stage. I’ll be able to meet Arnie, have a little arm wrestle, little handshake, a photo, but what I want to do is invite some of my loyal friends and followers and supporters to win a ticket! So I put on comp on Facebook recently to put your best Annie pose forward. So what I’m going to do to my Team Nat supporters (that’s you if you’re watching this) is do the same thing!

Email Me Your Best ‘Arnie pose’ for a FREE ticket to the Total Success Summit In Sydney!

So if YOU would like to win a ticket to the Arnie Total Success Summit in March in Sydney, you gotta fly to yourself it’s just the gold ticket, then send me an email and send your best ‘Arnie pose’. Show us, and you don’t need muscles, like clearly I don’t have any, so you don’t need muscles. I just need the pose for you to enter the competition. If you’d really love to go, I’ll be giving two tickets away, so everyone who’s been watching the videos every week a little bit of a reward, if you’d like to see Arnie Schwarzenegger.

So next week, I’ll see you again don’t worry…I’ll be back.

Email your best Arnie pose to ‘team @’ (take out the spaces around the @. I’m just tricking the spam bots!)

Arnie Pose Time - Win Tickets to the Total Success Summit in Sydney with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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