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5 common questions when booking motivational speakers in Australia

Is a motivational speaker right for my event?

Is a motivational speaker right for my event?

Motivational speakers give inspiring and moving addresses at a wide range of events around Australia. If you’re not sure if a motivational speaker is right for your event, ask yourself:

  • Will people be able to stop, listen and engage with the motivational speaker?
  • Could my audience benefit from an injection of renewed energy and inspiration?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to these questions, then a motivational speaker is definitely right for your event.

Over the past two decades Nat Cook has spoken at events as varied as:

  • Keynote speaker for conferences, luncheons and awards nights
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Charity events
  • Team building workshops – corporate, schools and sporting
  • Corporate and leadership training.

Should I book motivational speakers with experience in my sport or business?

Should I book motivational speakers with experience in my sport or business?

You might think you need to book a motivational speaker who has trodden the exact same path to success to your audience. What could a football player know about the rigours of tennis training? How could a golfer possibly understand the pressures inherent in a corporate environment? What you need to understand is that the path to success looks different to every single person, even if they’re playing the same field.

Truly great motivational speakers such as Nat Cook delve deeply into both the personal and the professional aspects of inspiration to uncover the grit, determination and tools to succeed that we all hold within ourselves.

Is it important that the speakers have their own inspiring story?

Is it important that the speakers have their own inspiring story?

If you’ve never been there, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to keep picking yourself up again and again through gruelling trials over many years to finally triumph and achieve your wildest dreams. It’s incredibly important that you choose a motivational speaker who can talk the talk AND has walked the walk.

Nat Cook strikes the perfect balance between sharing enough of her inspiring journey to sporting and business success; and listening to her audience to understand and encourage them along their own path to fulfilment. Her stories are relatable, meaningful and real; her takeaways are inspiring, transferable and actionable.

How will attendees benefit?

How will attendees benefit?

How will attendees benefit? How long is a piece of string? The effects of improved motivation are long-lasting and permeate every aspect of the personal and professional lives of attendees. And that’s before we even start to count the huge positive impact that increased motivation has on the effective functioning of teams and businesses!

Benefits of increased motivation include:

  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Ability to set goals; and go after them!
  • Improved communication and team cohesiveness
  • Greater sense of well-being, health and happiness
  • Increased ability to focus and break down the barriers to success!

As Nat herself says, “I tailor my presentations to address the things that matter, so they learn to never give up and go on to uncover the secrets to their own success!”

What equipment do I need to provide?

What equipment do I need to provide?

If it’s your first time booking a motivational speaker it can be hard to know what to expect. Will there be a PowerPoint presentation? Will they need a microphone, stage, fancy sparkling mineral water or brass band fanfare? The equipment needed by a motivational speaker will vary depending on the speaker’s style, the size and type of audience and your chosen venue – it’s best to simply ask.

Nat Cook has inspired people in small workshops right through to large audiences of 10,000! She’ll let you know what equipment is needed – possibly none! Although she always brings her own props, which vary depending on the audience – think superhero cape and a few balls to throw around!

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