On My Day with Nat Cook: Sydney Relived

15 September – 1 October 2020


Nat winds the clock back to 2000, interviewing a swag of Sydney gold medallists and iconic Australian OLYmpians. 

Hear the epic success stories from the athletes themselves, like Michael Klim on his record-setting relay leg, and the moment Lauren Burns knew she could make history as Australia's first taekwondo champ.



On My Day with Nat Cook: Tokyo 2020ne 

24 July – 9 August 2020


Nat speaks to 15 athletes on what the postponement of the Games has meant to them, and how they're preparing to compete in Tokyo next year.



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On My Day with Nat Cook: Sydney Relived line-up



Episode 1, 15 September
Andrew Gaze (Basketball): Opening Ceremony 

Episode 2, 16 September
Susie O'Neill: Swimming

Episode 3, 17 September
Michael Diamond: Shooting

Episode 4, 18 September
Kerri Pottharst: Beach Volleyball

Episode 5, 19 September
Lauren Burns: Taekwondo

Episode 6, 20 September
Michael Klim: Swimming

Episode 7, 21 September
Louise Sauvage: Climbing 

Episode 8, 22 September
Laurie Lawrence: team motivator

Episode 9, 23 September
Naomi Castle: Water Polo

Episode 10, 24 September
Scott McGrory: Cycling

Episode 11, 25 September
Steve Anderson: Nat & Kerri's Beach Volleyball Coach 

Episode 12, 26 September
Andrew Hoy: Equestrian

Episode 13, 27 September
Grant Hackett: Swimming

Episode 14, 28 September
Tom King: Sailing

Episode 15, 29 September
Rechelle Hawkes: Hockey

Episode 16, 30 September
Ian Thorpe: Swimming

Episode 17, 1 October
John Coates: Australian National Olympic Committee President

On My Day with Nat Cook: Tokyo 2020ne line-up



Episode 1, 24 July
Anna Meares (Cycling): Opening 

Episode 2, 25 July
Mitch Larkin: Swimming

Episode 3, 26 July
Skye Nicolson: Boxing

Episode 4, 27 July
Mat Belcher: Sailing

Episode 5, 28 July
Leigh Godfrey: Softball

Episode 6, 29 July
Sally Fitzgibbons: Surfing

Episode 7, 30 July
Lucy Stirling: Climbing 

Episode 8, 31 July
Bronwen Knox: Water polo

Episode 9, 1 August
Taylor Worth: Archery

Episode 10, 2 August
Sharni Williams: Rugby 7s

Episode 11, 3 August
Kaarle McCulloch: Cycling

Episode 12, 4 August
Melissa Wu: Diving

Episode 13, 5 August
Dane Bird-Smith: Walking

Episode 14, 6 August
Caroline Buchanan: BMX

Episode 15, 7 August
Taliqua Clancy & Kirk Pitman: Beach Volleyball

Episode 16, 8 August
John Millman: Tennis

Episode 17, 9 August
Kim Brennan (Rowing): Closing

Official playlist for #SydneyRelived 

Nat asks the 2000 team athletes what songs get them pumped up to go for gold!


Official playlist for On My Day with Nat Cook: Tokyo 2020ne 

Nat asks the athletes what songs get them pumped up or chilled out to go for gold!



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