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Opps, I missed one!!!!

Opps, I missed one!!!! So sometimes things don’t go to plan…what happens next?

Video Transcript: Opps, I missed one!!!! So sometimes things don’t go to plan…what happens next?

Oops I missed a week so you’ve had a week off from me and that is no good on my commitment to consistency over the year. But really I mean how often do we set goals and things don’t go to plan so it was a real big challenge traveling having a holiday with a family and we’ve missed a week, a blip in the matrix. So I just want to apologize that I wasn’t with you last week but I’m back and we’ll make things happen. There were some IT issues, there was traveling issues, there was miscommunication and how often does that happen in our life? But it’s what we do next. 

How to get back on the horse

So I’m back this week, I’m back on the horse making sure that I get to speak to you every single week and this time from Canada. How exciting a big family holiday and on the holidays to like not only missed a week but on holidays it’s like ‘really do I have to do this’ but I committed so I am ‘my word’ and I committed that I would do a video a week for a year. Now again I’ve miss one so instead of getting all upset about that and quitting and stopping, and going ‘I didn’t get it done’ I just got back on and I’m speaking to you this week.

What have you stopped doing?

So in your life what have you committed to that maybe you have missed something or maybe it’s the gym maybe it’s better eating, maybe it’s speaking to family and loved ones, maybe it’s reading a personal development book every week or parts of it and you haven’t done it and therefore you have stopped. My encouragement today is that you get back on the horse and you continue to follow through with what you’re committed to. Because ultimately what you commit to it you do so because you love it or you want to achieve something more or be better than you were yesterday so on that note have a think about what you’ve stopped doing that you originally wanted to do and get back to it so I’m back, talk to you next week.

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