Every step we take

Group of runners participating in a fun run

It’s been a while between blogs, but that doesn’t mean life has slowed down… in fact, it’s quite the opposite! 

And while I still have a touch of the post-Tokyo blues (anyone else with me?), it was fantastic to welcome home our OLYmpic and Paralympic champions in Brisbane last month. Each and every one of them have made us so proud – not only in competition, but also in the way they carry themselves, and their team spirit.

silver medallist Taliqua Clancy

With Tokyo OLYmpian and silver medallist Taliqua Clancy in Brisbane

They had the unusual experience of competing at the Games without an audience, so it was very special to watch the huge smiles and eyes lighting up when the athletes and their supporters were finally united! The energy was electric, and I couldn’t stop smiling, especially seeing the kids meeting their heroes! That spark of inspiration will stay with them forever.

Now that big events are coming back into play, I was so excited to walk in the Bridge to Brisbane on the weekend! It’s one of my favourite events, and as a Health and Wellbeing Queensland Ambassador, I was there with OLYmpic walker Dane Bird-Smith (he took it easy on us with his pace!) and some of our OLYmpians fresh from Tokyo – kayakers Alyce and Jordan Wood, and water polo player Gabi Palm.

There is a really special energy that comes from being part of a movement like Bridge to Brisbane. Everyone is there for their own reasons, but there is something that has brought us all together on that one day. 

Community sport events like this bring people together from all walks of life. They get people moving, having a go, connecting with each other. Exchanging smiles and words of encouragement. The 27,000-strong pack on Sunday showed us how strong we are as a community when we work together and support each other. And it was just so much fun!

OLYmpic medal

Fun is something we haven’t been short of in the past couple of months: we celebrated my daughter’s sixth birthday in October! And there was even a 21st! Well, the 21st anniversary of Kerri Pottharst and I winning the gold in Sydney! It was all the more special this year to be able to celebrate with Taliqua and Mariafe, and to hold their Tokyo silver medals in my hand. Sitting next to our Atlanta bronze and Sydney gold, the set is now complete (and pictured above)!

All of this has reminded me that we really do build a legacy with each step we take. Our biggest achievements start with small steps every day.

So, what step will you take today?