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Have you been search online for 'Motivational Speakers Brisbane' or 'Motivational Speaker Brisbane' and you just can't seem to find the right fit for your awesome event? How would you like a five-time Olympian and winner of two Olympic gold medals? Someone who was crowned best in the world for beach volleyball? Now that’s someone who’s guaranteed to motivate the audience at your next event!

Natalie Cook, a successful author, business owner, brand ambassador and mum, is relatable and inspirational, with a witty and engaging personality.

Natalie, affectionately called Nat, is regularly called on as a motivational speaker to present at a range of events in Brisbane, nationally and internationally. If you’re keen to interview her, or have her contribute to your media outlets like newspapers, magazines, radio or television, she’d be happy to do that, too.

Dreaming Big - Leading Motivational Speaker Brisbane

Nat’s dreams began when she watched Lisa Curry on the television as a child, winning for Australia! Nat was very much drawn to strong sporting role models and believes they helped her win gold at the Sydney Olympics.

Nat is a big believer in visualisation, visualising her dreams and turning them into reality through raw ambition and a ‘never say never’ attitude. After seeing Lisa Curry receiving her gold medal on the television back in 1982, Nat was on a mission. Between the ages of seven and fourteen she swam as far and as often as she could. She loved swim carnivals, but the ridiculous hours meant that swimming was definitely not for her in the long term. Her mission to imitate Lisa had to be put on the back burner – but only for a little while.

Nat was tenacious about finding the right sport for her. She tried her hand at martial arts, golf, tennis and even skateboarding to find success. But this Brisbane girl soon knew that team sports were going to be her ‘thing’.

Find what you’re good at – and go for it!

Find what you’re good at – and go for it!

One day Nat came across a message hanging on the noticeboard at her high school, advertising a volleyball trip to America and Canada. Even though Nat didn’t have a clue what volleyball was, she was absolutely itching to go.

It was in Ipswich that Nat really saw where volleyball could take her; much closer towards her dreams. She tried out for the regional schools volleyball team and caught the attention of the coach, who noticed her advantageous height. He asked Nat to jump as high as she could and to hit the ball as hard as she could. She still says that was the best hit she’s ever made!

Nat fell in love with volleyball and went on to represent the state and national junior sides. But it wasn’t until Nat was 18 that she encountered the opportunity of a lifetime. Nat represented Queensland at the National Grand Prix in Brisbane and she was considered one of the best. News got out!
Nat had the drive, the ability, the passion, the strength and the skills. Not long after Sydney was announced as the next Olympic Games city, beach volleyball was made an Olympic sport. Since its introduction to Australia, Anita Palm and Jackie Vukosa were the number one team. Anita invited Nat to Sydney to train with them and to go to the Atlanta Olympics. The rest is history.

The best Brisbane motivational speaker

The Best Motivational Speaker Brisbane

If you’re a Brisbane local, it’s likely that you may catch Nat around the traps because she’s a local too. Nat attended Corinda State High School between 1988 and 1992. Who would have thought this young Brisbane girl with big dreams would go on to:

  • Attend five Olympic Games (the first Australian woman to do so!);
  • Win two Olympic medals including a gold medal;
  • Win a range of world championships;
  • Author two books;
  • Become a brand ambassador;
  • Become Qld Olympic Council President;
  • Receive an Order of Australia Medal; and
  • Launch her own business?

Pretty motivating, right?

In comes the Sandstorm

One of Nat’s businesses outside her motivational speaking is called Sandstorm. It’s her way of helping others follow in her footsteps by using a custom built venue for sand and beach sports, with a social atmosphere. It has nothing to do with the weather, but everything to do with Nat’s determination to leave a legacy for the sport of beach volleyball.

Brisbane is lucky to have Nat as a local because it means this super fun multi-sport venue is right at our fingertips!

As the Director of Sandstorm Nat spent a large chunk of her time trying to establish a target audience before she could actually launch her business. The brand was launched in 2001 and the beach sports at the venue opened in 2005.

Nat seized an opportunity when it came to establishing Sandstorm. At the time, a number of volleyball centres had closed in Brisbane and there were loads of keen volley ballers with nowhere to play. Nat loves the fact that Sandstorm allows a huge number of kids access to volleyball. Hundreds of kids come to play each week, which Nat finds hugely satisfying – as a sports player and a business owner.

Helping local and international communities

Helping local and international communities

Nat is all about making a difference and believes that Olympians around the world have the capacity to positively impact communities, both locally and abroad. Her appointment to the World Olympians Association (WOA) Board as a representative of the Oceania Region will certainly see her fulfilling this goal. The WOA organises events for Olympians all around the world and runs projects seeing Olympians helping their local communities.

“It’s an honour to be chosen to represent the Oceania region on the WOA Board. After spending four years on the ground with the Oceania Athletes’ Commission, I feel that I can make a difference on a global level to ensure the athletes have the best possible support network available,” said Nat.
“I believe this amazing group of Olympians around the world can make a huge impact on communities local and abroad running projects based on the Olympic ideas laid down by Pierre de Coubertin.”

Inspiring Brisbane residents with her motivational speaking

Inspiring Brisbane residents with her motivational speaking

Brisbane and Ipswich locals are lucky to have Nat right on their doorstep. Her fun and warm personality is infectious, making her an inspiration to adults and children alike. As Queensland ambassador for the federally funded Active After-schools Communities (AASC) program, Nat can often be seen around Brisbane, particularly in places where sports are played. It’s here you can see her in her element, encouraging kids, helping them get active, building their confidence to participate and most of all, helping them have fun.

16-year-old Ipswich diver Georgia Sheehan is another young local to be mentored and inspired by Nat through the 2016 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program. Georgia will team up with Natalie and receive 12 months of mentoring from Nat – just another feather in Nat’s every expanding cap!

Kids are a huge focus of Nat and her positive attitude. She started her own foundation ‘Live Out Loud’ to help reduce cases of childhood obesity through education. She provides opportunities for kids to be active and learn about what they can do to be fit, healthy and happy. But it’s not just the kids that Nat loves to motivate, it’s the adults too.

The good news is that if you’re in Brisbane and you’re looking for a motivational speaker, Brisbane is Nat’s home base. This makes for much more flexibility when it comes to booking her for various events. When it comes to motivational speakers, Brisbane is lucky to have one of the best right here on our doorstep.

What does one of Nat’s motivational talks consist of? Well firstly, you simply won’t want to go home. But when you eventually do, you’ll find yourself wanting to start now to reach for your goals. You’ll feel pumped and ready to go.

Previous attendees of Nat’s talks have been captivated by her journey, her enthusiasm and genuine vigor for life:

“Nat was instantly engaging, energetic and witty; holding everyone’s absolute attention whilst she shared interesting stories about her sporting experiences and achievements in a way which motivated, amused and inspired her audience.” Carol West – Traders Hotel

Natalie knows how to draw a parallel between the challenges in sport and business and can explain the formula required to be the best at what you do. Everyone enjoyed hearing Natalie speak. She has a relatable, lively approach, a great Aussie sense of humour, and a great story of ‘dream, struggle, and victory’. Mike Taylor – P.B. McKenna & Associates

From mums, business owners, executives, sporting clubs, charity and community organisations, Nat is well known for giving Brisbane folks the motivation they need. Her charisma, her energy and her ability to engage her listeners when sharing her experiences is second to none. How many other women can share heartfelt stories about being an athlete, a businesswoman, brand ambassador, activist and most recently, a mum – all in one session? Do you really need to look any further for your Brisbane motivational speaker?

If you’re located in Brisbane and you’ve been pulling your hair out sifting through lists of interstate motivational speakers, just remember that Brisbane has Nat Cook. You simply don't need to look for anyone else!

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Natalie's Achievements

  • Atlanta 1996 Games - Bronze Medal
  • Brazil 1996 World Championships - Silver Medal
  • Sydney 2000 Games - Gold Medal
  • 2003 World Championships - Bronze Medal
  • Athens 2004 Games - 4th place
  • Beijing 2008 Games - 5th place
  • London 2012 Games

Final Tally

  • Team of the Decade (with Kerri Pottharst)
  • 11 National Championship Victories
  • 135 International Events Played
  • 26 Podium Finishes
  • 42 Final-Four Finishes (as at October 2008)
  • 165 International FIVB Events Played
    (most of any female player)

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