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How Employee Motivation and Company Success Are Related

How Employee Motivation And Company Success Are Related

Smart business owners know exactly how employee motivation and company success are related.

With a motivated workplace behind your business, you have a greater chance of smashing your business goals and achieving success. Staff with a high level of job satisfaction will likely be more efficient, productive and willing to play a role in the achievements of your business than lower performing, disengaged staff.

The magic of motivated staff

Magic happens in a motivated workplace. Staff are positive, inspired and invested in their job. They understand how their work contributes to the success of your company and to their own personal goals.

If you invest time in building a motivated workplace, you will reap the rewards with greater and higher quality output from your staff and lower staff turnover.

Impact of disengaged staff on a business

Negativity and discontent can be quick to infect even the most robust of workplaces. Whether it’s stress, burnout, lack of recognition or poor communication that has left your staff feeling deflated, their discontent will negatively impact your business. When the motivational mojo of staff goes missing, so too will their productivity and quality of work.

How to motivate staff

Unfortunately there’s no secret formula or quick fix that will help your staff regain and keep their motivational mojo. What drives one staff member to perform their best may have little effect on another.

While encouragement must be unlocked within the individual, you can make changes in your business to promote a higher level of motivation among staff.

1. Invest in education and training

Upskill your staff to boost motivation and build staff loyalty. Educational incentives and professional development are wise investments for a company. If staff see you investing in and valuing them, they are more likely to return the favour with loyalty, higher quality work and greater output.

2. Open the channels of communication

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark. Keep your staff, from admin to senior management, in the loop with company news. Hold regular meetings, share information via staff newsletters and emails, and keep staff informed about the strategic vision of your business and the role they play in helping your business achieve success. Staff will appreciate and respect you for your transparency and repay you with loyalty and hard work. Take an interest in your staff, be open to their ideas and concerns, and encourage two-way communication.

3. Recognise your staff

Positive feedback and praise can go a long way to making staff feel valued. Whether it’s a simple pat on the back, or a formal announcement at a staff meeting, many staff respond favourably to recognition of their work. Staff will be more likely to work toward company goals if they know their efforts are valued and recognised.

4. Boost morale with team building

A positive workplace culture is an important factor in the success of any company. Team building exercises, including formal workshops or fun social club events, are perfect for building team spirit. A strong workplace culture that promotes a sense of belonging in staff can help you attract and keep staff, and strengthen your company’s profile to boot.

Make a difference with a motivational speaker

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and your staff’s motivational mojo is still M.I.A, it’s time to take action for the sake of your business.

Motivational speakers are a valuable investment in growing a motivated workplace. It makes good business sense to invest money in motivating your staff, rather than investing time and money recruiting new staff over and over again due to discontent. Invest in and value your current workforce to lower your turnover rate and see your business succeed.

Nat Cook motivational speaker

Former five-time Olympian and top motivational speaker Nat Cook inspires workplaces across Australia and the world. She encourages staff to unlock their true potential, stay focused and rediscover their motivational mojo.

Nat’s presentations pack a punch as she works to break down barriers and challenge people to dig deep. Nat’s audiences walk away better able to pinpoint their passions and achieve their goals. She encourages staff to be the best version of themselves and to strive for their own gold medal moments.

All staff, from company directors and senior management to administration, can relate to Nat’s powerful stories as she helps them to recognise their own true value and motivating factors.

Nat will challenge your staff to stop going through the motions and living life on auto-pilot. She will encourage your staff to refocus the wasted negative energy that can be a crippling result of ‘water cooler’ chit chat into something that can help them achieve job satisfaction. A commitment to the individual dreams equates to a stronger commitment to the company, too. Motivating your staff is win-win!

Nothing inspires staff more than inspirational words from someone who has fought for their dreams with grit and determination despite facing odds. Nat’s natural story-telling ability and superhero antics will win your staff over, boost their morale and encourage them to achieve their ‘own version of awesomeness’.

Strategies for success

Nat’s entertaining and highly interactive presentations will equip your staff with the tools they need to reactivate their motivation and aim high. Nat knows from experience that people hit roadblocks on their journey to success. With that in mind, she offers effective strategies to help people overcome these blocks and take aim to achieve their goals.

Nat can help your staff access their own personal drive, stay focused, unlock their true potential and rediscover their motivational mojo. She will help reignite your staff’s passion and purpose to achieve their dreams.

Nat understands exactly how employee motivation and company success are related and the risk your business runs when staff are disengaged and demotivated. From corporate conferences, to team building and leadership workshops, Nat will cater her presentation to meet your business needs and encourage your staff to find the drive that will help them and you realise success.

Top motivational speaker Nat Cook understands how employee motivation and company success are related. Invite Nat Cook into your workplace today!

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