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Essential Tips To Plan Your Recovery

Essential Tips To Plan Your Recovery

Video Transcript > Essential Tips To Plan Your Recovery

Ok, so today we’re going to talk recovery! Now, these guys the Koalas do this really well. They recover or sleep 20 hours a day, which I’m not really encouraging for you to do 20 hours a day but I am encouraging you to put your recovery into the week first. So often we are busy, busy, busy, busy, work, uni and we don’t have time for your recovery. Or at the end of the week, we go, ‘Ah! Really need a day off’. Right, so it’s really important at the start of the week to plan your recovery.

Tips for recovery

To put in place where you want to have a massage or go to a movie or go out with friends or just have some quiet time for yourself. It’s really important that you plan for yourself first because this will help recharge the batteries and keep you playing at the top of your game for the rest of the week. So even a surf or yoga or a bike ride or walking or reading, time for you to just sit and rest maybe even meditate. So that really helped me for 20 years of my career. Putting in my massage, my chiropractors, my physiotherapist, my days off into my schedule first.

So have a go at that for a month and see how you feel at the end of the month and whether it’s any different. Plan your recovery first. Recovery is the most important part to any athlete’s journey and I would argue it’s the most important part to life. Here’s to recovery!

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