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Consistency Challenge

Well it’s Christmas time it is my last video for the year and I have finished my consistency commitment challenge. Thank you to Alistair from heroes for challenging me to do a video a week for 12 months. So you’ve been listening to me rabbit on, once a week for the last 12 months and here’s my last one here in Canada in the snow for our Christmas. My little baby girl is over there with Sarah. Our first time seeing the snow with Jordan so it’s so exciting!

So we’ve talked about so much this year, everything from recovery to consistency to commitment to yoga to success to results and I hope you’ve had some of those things in your life I hope there’s been some inspiration for you to take one more step in your journey to success whatever that is for you, because for everyone it’s different.

2018 I hope you set some awesome goals and take one step at a time to achieve them, sometimes you’ll be one step  forward two steps backwards but we’re still taking steps.  So  I will come back to you in 2018 but probably just once a month, so I don’t bombard your inbox, so once a month you’ll hear a little message from me and we’ll see how you’re going feel free to write to me, feel free to reach out ask some questions and I’ll try and answer them in my videos.

But for now 2017 is almost at a close, Santa Claus is almost here and I’m in the snow making snowballs and snowmen with my little girl who’s experiencing snow for the first time.

So Happy Christmas and Merry New Year for 2017 and enjoy your Christmas shopping, your Christmas giving, your Christmas receiving and most of all your Christmas cookies. Then in 2018 I’ll come back to you and show you how to get rid of everything you put on from your turkey and your Christmas cookies.

Love from me, love from my family, and enjoy your Christmas!

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