Why is Motivation Important to a Business?

motivation Aug 11, 2015

Motivational speakers have the ability to significantly improve staff morale, lead a team to success, and help a business achieve its goals. One of the many questions people ask about motivation is: why is motivation important to a business? It sounds obvious, but the effects of motivation are more wide reaching than most employers realise. When employees are not motivated and failing to perform at their best, a business can fail to achieve its targets and suffer a reputation blow. There is no denying the importance of motivation to a business. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why, and the benefits a business will most certainly enjoy when motivation is present.




Highly motivated employees seek out opportunities to get the job done. They have a willingness to achieve and a desire to perform efficiently and effectively. A team of highly motivated employees works to benefit a businesses’ bottom line. Their positive attitudes are infectious and their high productivity is cost effective; it leads to increased output, revenue, satisfied customers and proud business owners.

On the flip side, those with low self-esteem, negative attitudes and poor motivation drag themselves to work, perform slower without any second thought to the flow on effects of their inefficiencies. Lower output costs money.


When a group of workers approach tasks with self-belief, and understand the benefits of cooperation and collaboration, they are more likely to work cohesively. As a result, an organisation’s goals can be achieved with greater purpose and ease.

A motivated employee is a productive employee and a productive employee is a more profitable employee.


Recruiting and training staff is time consuming and can be quite costly too. A de-motivated workforce can significantly impact the reputation of a business, cause massive upheaval within the working environment and severely impact productivity and time to market. Staff who no longer feel connected to the business or feel as if their input is not valued will very often seek alternative employment. Employee turnover is costly. A highly motivated team alleviates these concerns.

Working towards achieving a stable workforce is so very important.


We experience change daily. It might be as small as the way in which we travel to work, our preferences to alternate between coffee and tea, organisational process adjustments or business realignment. What’s important to recognise is that change is inevitable. What’s more, the most successful businesses actively seek out change to keep ahead of competition, abreast of industry changes and as a means of improving efficiency and eliminating waste.

Employees who are not motivated resist change, balk at the concept of it and are blinkered to the benefits it can provide. The result can be detrimental to the business. Workers can learn to accept such changes easily with the help of motivation. Motivated people accept these changes enthusiastically.


There are many methods a business can adopt in an effort to give employees back the spark they are missing and improve motivation and performance overall. One of the most effective ways to re-engage staff is with a motivational speaker. Whether it is a public workshop or a one-on-one motivational session, businesses greatly benefit from a fresh perspective.

Employees relate to successful people and draw their own inspiration from listening to others demonstrate how a positive attitude and the willingness to succeed can and does result in success. That is what a motivational speaker does.

Highly successful in their own field of expertise, which does not necessarily need to relate to the industry a business operates in, motivational speakers share their own personal stories, and inspire others to get up and make more out of life. When staff feel that they have a purpose, that their contributions are valued and they are kept informed of where they fit into the bigger picture, they are more inclined to perform. They are motivated to perform. They are motivated as individuals and as a united team and they help the business achieve its goals.

Motivation is the will to work. Without that will, an individual will fail to take a step forward. They will be blinkered to the rewards that come with dedication and goal setting and the resulting impact to a business can be significant.

The best businesses have the best-motivated workers. If your business is lacking the extra drive needed to achieve long term goals and you are seeking the answers to creative a highly motivated team, great motivational speakers are the answer. A good speaker will cleverly use the parallels between business and their field of expertise to showcase the importance of motivation and spark a fresh desire to perform.


Nat Cook is one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers. Contact Nat today and discover the success ready for the taking when your staff are highly motivated.

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