Where are you in your Dream Cycle?

After the amazing success of the Aussie team at the Commonwealth Games I wondered where you were in relation to your Dream!

I have just spent the most amazing two weeks on the Gold Coast, for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

How spectacular, if you got there in person “high five” to you and if you didn't and watched it on telly awesome and if you're somewhere else in the world or even an Australian didn't get to watch it then, sorry you missed out on some spectacular sporting action. 

We had the greatest time here for the whole two weeks, and what it's made me think about for you is what does it mean to have a dream?

These athletes have spent the last four years and for those that come out of the Olympics maybe two, can preparing through training and competition and mental focus to be the best in the Commonwealth at this time.

Some fell short, some had gold medals, we had a hundred and ninety-eight medals for Australia, 80 of those gold medals and of course in a home games there's a bit of a hometown advantage and I think us Aussies took advantage of that.

But really if you think about the dream where are you in your dream cycle, where are you in achieving what it is you want to achieve are you close to your gold medal?

Are you just beginning the process? Are you in the grind and the tough work, where you actually think you want to give up because it may be too hard and you're questioning whether it's all worth it.

Well I'm sure these athletes here at the Commonwealth Games (“as a bus full of athletes just went past; on their way to the airport”).

I'm sure if you ask any athlete here at the Commonwealth Games it is absolutely worth it!

So please take the Commonwealth Games as a time to sit down and reflect on your own dreams, where you are what you might need to enhance it, how can you get there a bit faster?

Do you need to get there faster?

Do you need to up the ante a bit or are you on track?

And really amp up the dream, make it as big and as colourful and as powerful and as exciting as you can so that if you, should achieve that dream it would be like you winning your Olympic or Commonwealth gold medal.

It is a time to reflect on our dreams at a time to thank our athletes for inspiring us onto more dreams and whilst mine may not athletic anymore they're definitely about “we to Switzerland in two months, can you believe it?”

And watching other sports, Wimbledon, the British Open the Monaco Grand Prix, it is a year for me of adventure, it is a year of bucket-list dreams and sporting events and I hope you have an awesome year too!

So sit down review your dreams see if you're on track enhance them, add  team members, change them; sometimes you need to change them, and then go after them like you too are chasing a Commonwealth Games gold medal!


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