Voices in Your Head - Controlling Your Mind and Thoughts

latest news video Jul 17, 2017

Okay so, I’ve just come out of yoga.

You’ve probably figured by now there’s a lot of post yoga videos.

So I don’t know any of you that have been to yoga before.

You have a lot of time to have a conversation with your own thoughts and you get to watch them go past and through and stop you.

And I haven’t been to yoga for a while because I’ve hurt my wrist which I did playing golf.

So, of course now when I do yoga and I do downward dog (a famous pose in yoga) my wrist hurts and I get to really watch my thoughts go through my head.

And you know today was a tough day so I wanted to share that because no doubt everyone has tough days.

And it was very difficult to keep an eye on my thoughts and I wanted to stop on several occasions.

So there are probably times in life and in business and in other things we’re all doing that we might want to stop.

And it’s okay to have a rest our teacher says.

You know if it gets too challenging or something’s coming up then just rest.

But I often find and observe that not many people do that because they’re either trying to prove something or push the limits or they come to yoga class.

They pay to go to yoga class so they should finish the class and participate fully in the class.

But actually what I noticed participating fully in the class is actually acknowledging where your body and mind is at and that resting is a part of that.


So you know I may have brought up rest and recovery in the past.

And today’s video is not supposed to be about resting in yoga.

It’s about how our thoughts go sometimes compulsively and they try and get us to make decisions that can affect the rest of the day, sometimes decisions that affect our life or our week.

So our teacher Derek said you know the one, you got to focus on one thing.

So when the mind’s erratic, which mine still is because I’ve just got out of yoga and you can obviously tell.

When the minds erratic, to focus on one thing and in yoga it’s the breath.

So really being one with the breath and wherever you are right now, when you finish watching this video just sit and breathe for a minute consciously.

Watching the breath go in through the nose and out through the mouth.

And just notice that it only takes about 60 seconds for you to calm everything down.

Then you can make decisions, then you can move on from a place of calmness.

So I hope someone got something from that today.

All of that to say that you know I got lots of thoughts going on my head, lots of things happening right now and it’s time to just sit and focus on the breath.

Have a good week!


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