The secret is in the planning!

So I have come to the end of a 14 month trip around the world, we spent most of our time in Switzerland for all those that have been following along, we got to do all the seasons the winter, the summer, the autumn, and the spring and had the best time skiing, going to lakes and also traveling around Europe. Barcelona, England, Scotland and many others, France, Germany, many other places.

So we have been spoiled on a year abroad with her little girl Jordan and now the last month in Canada before heading into the U.S. to a conference and then landing in Australia in the middle of August.

So the only thing I want to say now for you is that if you have ever been thinking of taking a year off, three months off, six months off, whatever it is that’ll work for you and your family. It is priceless, it is absolutely something you should do! Do not hesitate, stop procrastinating and start planning now, the secret is in the planning.

We had the best time and it was all because of the planning, the secret is absolutely in the planning. So spend a lot of time planning, make sure you know where you're going to go, who you're going to meet, how much money you're going to need, how you leave everything at home you just need to do a lot of planning and then it'll go smooth as smooth as ours did.

Of course there's challenges along the way and everything and it doesn't always go to plan and it's what you're going to do next, it's what you're going to do when it doesn't go to plan, so even try and plan that, plan what happens when it doesn't go to plan.

As you can probably tell I'm a compulsive planner but it has led to an amazing 14 months abroad and I'm also now excited about what I'm going back to Australia to do and part of that is because of the p p p planning.

So we've been planning for the last month about how we re-enter Australia and what that's going to look like but I'll let you know about my Australian plans next month.

So stop procrastinating, start planning and enjoy three six, nine, twelve months, even longer if you can sabbatical abroad broaden your horizons have the most fantastic time.


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