The Secret to Health & Wellness Motivational Speakers Never Tell

health & wellness speaker Jul 11, 2015

It’s time. Time to really take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Notice the black shadows under your eyes, or perhaps new wrinkles that don’t pass as laugh lines anymore. You’re tired and aching. Your gym membership is gathering dust and your motivation seems to have evaporated. It’s time to start living again. Reaching out to a motivational speaker is a great way to get yourself back on track. But not all speakers offer advice from all angles. Nat Cook understands the real secret of health and wellness success .


The mind is such a powerful yet undervalued device. A good motivational speaker not only provides you with inspiration while you listen, but also the tools to harness the power of your own mind as you move forward towards reaching your own goals. The trouble is that many motivational speakers focus only on their successes. What they haven’t shown you is how to manage life’s rollercoaster of ups and downs – and view setbacks not as failures but as ‘wins’.

Five time Olympian Natalie Cook believes it’s really important to view your journey of success with an open, positive and flexible mind. Acknowledge when things don’t go to plan and train your mind to overcome them to celebrate your wins and even your losses.

“We are so strict on ourselves for the rules of success…our rules are too stringent and therefore we feel like we fail a lot. If you can have your rules so easy to achieve and so easy to hit your goals and you feel like a winner, then winning attracts more winning and it builds a momentum of success.” – Natalie Cook

It’s great to be captivated by a motivational speaker in the moment. They’ll usually have a handful of strategies and stories outlining what works for them. As you sit there, enthralled, it all makes sense and seems completely achievable. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to implementing these tactics in your own life, things may not always go to plan. If the techniques don’t work first time, it can be a huge step backwards for your positive mindset. Nat Cook offers the tools to help keep you on track when times get tough (and they will).


Natalie believes the secret to your health and wellness success stems from discipline,determination and dreams. Your determination is influenced by what really makes you tick and you how you perceive yourself. Think about the qualities in other people that inspire you. Who are these people and what do they represent? Now rate the qualities in order of priority and you will find it will reveal the real you. Consciously embrace these characteristics, physically, mentally and emotionally and your self-image and confidence will improve. Your beliefs are merely thoughts you keep thinking, so why not train your mind to think empowering thoughts. You can’t just think them, they need to be trained.

“Train the cheerleader to be louder and more frequent than your other voice that wants to pull you back.” – Natalie Cook


With so much information and advice around, motivational speakers won’t always tell you how difficult it can be to stay on track and reach for long term results. You’ll be introducing new habits, new thought processes and you may need to rewrite your road map on a daily basis. Natalie believes that it’s beneficial to have a buddy join you on your journey, whether it’s for support, accountability or to introduce variety when things seem stale. When you’re winning, they’re winning, and you can motivate each other as you go.

“…variety is very important to keep it fresh and exciting so that you can sustain your success.” – Natalie Cook

But the real keys to success lie in self-motivation. To kick-start and maintain a new lifestyle can be very challenging. The right motivational speaker will offer inspiration for today, and the tools to keep your health and wellness journey on track no matter what obstacles you face. The combination of exercise, nutrition and self-esteem will empower you to sustainable success in all areas of your life.

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