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Now I haven’t shared many Olympic stories but one of the best things about being an Olympian is the uniform you get.

I’m proudly sporting the Olympic jacket from Rio, the opening ceremony jacket for the Australian team and one of the coolest things when there’s 450 of you and you’re marching together, you feel part of a team you look good but there’s something very special on the inside of these jackets.

Now if you know yell it out…. can’t hear anyone so I have to tell you.

On the inside of these jackets are the names of every Olympic gold medallist for Australia, the gold medallists have a quick look from all the Olympics in history.

So what happens then is as you march in the opening ceremony we wrap ourselves in greatness the heroes that have been before us the Dawn Frasers the Betty Cuthberts, Shane Gould, the Susie O’Neill, Ian Thorpe, Simon Fairweather, the Awesome Foursome and all of the gold medal Olympians.

So when I went to the London Olympics which was the first time they ever did this inside the jacket I was so excited that my name was going to be in the jacket from Sydney 2000, so I open the jacket I look at all the Sydney 2000 I see Suzie O’Neill I see Ian Thorpe I see Grant Hackett I see all of that and then I said Kerri Pottharst my Olympic gold medal beach volleyball partner and my brain says you’re next and it said “ook”!

And a tear streamed down my face, and the lady said “oh you must be so proud” and I said “no my name’s been stitched in a dart!”

So the moral of the story, doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to five Olympics, your mum loves you, you win a gold medal a bronze medal, you love yourself, doesn’t matter, at some point in life you will always get stitched up and it doesn’t matter how many times you get stitched up but it’s what you do next!

So if there’s every time in your life you’ve been stitched up or if you haven’t it’s coming, it’s how you get back up and how you go on to your next success!



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