Pathway of Perspectives - Easy vs Hard

Fly to the top and look down and the path will be clear.


Flying high from the top of a mountain in Innsbruck in Austria. Today I want to talk to you about goal setting, which I know a lot of people do talk about, I tend to have a very different view on goal setting.  

I guess my take on it is to get a cable car (because that's what you need to get to the top of this mountain, although there are people walking up). But to me walking up seems very hard, very challenging, it would take a long time, like I would put it off. Otherwise if you get a cable car all the way to the top of the mountain first, to have a look at the goal, right, to see it from the top of the mountain and look down. Because looking down here looks somewhat easier, I would hope you would agree.

The paths are there, you can see where you have to go to come up and you can actually map out where you need to go and how you need to get to the top of the mountain. Which you would put as your goal at the top of the mountain.

So the view is to helicopter, cable car, drive all the way to the top of the mountain to get an a look, to get the outlook, to get the view of what it's going to look like when you get to the top and then work your way backwards actually step down the mountain rather than up so we are flipping the perspective, we are flipping what it looks like, what it feels like.

Ultimately because feeling, feelings come from what you think, and thoughts come from looking at something and having a thought. That creates a feeling, so here on top of the mountain this looks amazing, it looks like I want to fly off the top, it looks like I want to be at the top. When you're up the top you puff out your chest and you celebrate, and you get excited about the things you've done and you look back there and think of all the awesome steps you took to get up here.

So stand up the top of where you want to be, where your goal is. For me it was an Olympic gold medal, so I stood on top of the podium, I helicopter to the top of the summit and looked down upon all the things I had to do to get here.

Just a different perspective get a helicopter, a bike, a train, a cable car to wherever you want to go take a look around, see the steps and then go back down and make the climb. Have fun!

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