Passion, Knowledge and Commitment Makes Nat Cook One of the Best Speakers in Australia

motivation speaker Jul 26, 2016

Just as she captivated the world in the Sydney 2000 volleyball grand final more than 15 years ago, five-time Olympian Nat Cook is winning over workplaces as a top motivational speaker in Australia.

With her high-energy and interactive performances, Nat has fired up thousands of people across Australia and the world, encouraging them to unlock their true potential and rediscover their motivational mojo.

‘We’re all hardwired for success. It’s in our DNA,’ Nat says.

‘I help people reignite their passion and pinpoint their purpose to achieve their dreams.’

It’s Nat’s passion for motivating people to achieve success and her ability to relate to all walks of life that has cemented her as one of the top motivational speakers in Australia.


There’s no doubt this former Olympian, business owner, author, brand ambassador, wife and mother, knows a thing or two about passion, resilience, commitment and realising dreams.

While Nat has hung up her bikini, her go girl attitude is just as inspirational as ever. Nat’s zest for life is contagious as she lights up the room with her natural storytelling ability and eagerness to help people achieve their ‘own version of awesomeness’.

With fun props and a superhero cape, Nat encourages people to dig deep, embrace their inner superhero and get their own gold medal moment. She challenges people to rethink the way they see themselves in order to refocus and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Nat inspires people with her story of grit and determination, imparting how she came to be at the top of her game. As she shares secrets of her highly successful life, Nat challenges her audience to face their fears and become the best version of themselves.


At the pinnacle of her sporting career, Nat became the first woman to compete at five Summer Olympic Games. She saw the glass ceiling above her and smashed through it, paving the way for future female athletes and inspiring women the world over.

Nat carries the same persistence and determination that saw her excel in volleyball into her business ventures. She openly discusses the roadblocks she has faced in her life and how she has overcome them. Nat acknowledges that everyone hits roadblocks on their journey to success and offers real strategies to help people move through these blocks and toward their goals.

‘It’s my purpose as a speaker to inspire, motivate and encourage people to live their dreams,’ she says.

‘I encourage them to be courageous to take that next step.’

‘Everyone is worthy of success.’

Nat is a big believer in visualising dreams and making them a reality.

At the age of seven, while watching Lisa Curry win gold in the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Nat set her sights on a big dream. Just like her hero Lisa, she wanted to feel the exhilaration of winning gold. From the age of seven, her fighting spirit and in-built motivation and determination came alive as she set to work to achieve the dream she had visualised.

Nat inspires her audience to dream big.

‘You need to stop making excuses and living on autopilot and start refocusing that energy into achieving goals,’ says Nat.

‘Grab life by the horns, enjoy the ride and achieve all of the goals you’ve dreamed of.’


Nat has an innate ability to communicate with people of all types, whether they are school kids, sporting teams, working mothers or corporate groups.

She caters each of her speaking events to her audience’s needs to ensure they get the most out of her performance. Nat assures her audience that everyone has within them the same motivation, determination, resilience, passion and commitment that she has drawn upon in her sporting career, business ventures and life.

Through her down to earth style, Nat ignites a sense of excitement in her audience encouraging them to access their own drive and motivation to help them achieve their goals.

Nat arms her audience with the tools they need to regain control of their life, reactivate their motivation, take aim and hit targets.

Nat has presented at many different events from corporate conferences, to team building and leadership workshops and charity events. Her dynamic, authentic and inspirational speaking style makes her a highly sought-after speaker.


Nothing inspires women in the workplace more than hearing the story of another woman who has achieved success.

As a prominent woman in sport, a businesswoman, activist, wife and, most recently, mother, Nat is the perfect speaker choice for any women’s event or organisation wanting to encourage and inspire female staff and help develop their leadership skills.

Nat can relate to the challenges of women across the board and can inspire them to cast their fears aside, unlock their potential and achieve greatness.


When Nat’s not on the speaking circuit inspiring others to achieve their dreams, she is at home in Brisbane living her own dream.

In 2015, Nat became a proud mum alongside her partner and former volleyball player Sarah Maxwell. While there’s more sand from the sandpit than the volleyball court in their lives right now, they couldn’t be happier.

Nat and Sarah were unofficially married in 2008, but Nat has said she’d love to officially put a ring on it one day. Nat is a passionate advocate of same-sex marriage in Australia and argues that it’s time Australia followed America’s lead and legalised gay marriage. It’s just one of many social issues about which Nat is enthusiastic and knowledgeable – two traits that endear her to audiences every time she speaks.

Presenting for close to 20 years to groups from 10 up to 10,000, Nat is a force to be reckoned with on the motivational speaking circuit.

As one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in Australia, her high-powered and interactive presentations offer real strategies to help people identify their goals and purpose in life. She has a keen ability to inspire people to reactivate their motivation and take aim to achieve their targets.

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