My Bucket List - Wimbledon!

A special hello from the Championships at Wimbledon.

Which is an amazing bucket list item for me and I'm so excited to be here and watch Asha Barty and Dasha and Kyrgios just to name a few. Of course Djokovic and Federer and Nadal and Serena Williams so for those of you that are tennis fans I'm sure you are very jealous right now but it can go in your bucket list.


So put on your bucket list because it is so special here at Wimbledon, it is the Grand Slam of any sport in the world, it is the most prestigious premium event and I’m lucky enough to be up here, in the players area and be able to eat with the players and everything else that is going on – even more of a bucket list item!!


 So one of the things here at Wimbledon that is so impressive is they have this thing called “the list”. Which if anything is going wrong during the championships they don't get too upset about it they don't get negative about it they actually put it on the list and that can be anything from you know the flowers aren't right (the flowers matched and the same colour palette and they're just beautiful). A squeaky chair, maybe the tea isn't the right formation or formulation is the word I was looking for. And they write this list and every year they go about bettering the year before, so that's really the definition of excellence. It's how you become better every single day and how they make this event the in the world.

 So how does that relate to your life? I would say have a look at some area of your life that you want to improve on or get to the top in or be excellent in and I'll give you a little tip that should be across all areas of your life but let's pick one

You want to be excellent in all areas of your life not just one, but let's pick one for now. Maybe write a list, now that list can be long, it could be small, of the things you need to go to work on to improve, for you to feel like you're at the top of your game.

Then you go about working on one at a time. Now don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the list and just work on one thing at a time and as that gets better you feel better, you get more momentum, your motivation improves, you start to see results and all of a sudden your whole life will start to be excellent.

So good luck with that and live from the Championships over and out.

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