Merry Christmas!

Hi welcome to Lapland the North Pole where Santa is from, we are on a Santa hunt.

And I want to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone from all over the world. But no doubt most of you are in 40 degree heat in Australia and we are in minus 10 here in Lapland. 

I’m going to show you some things that you’ve never ever seen before (maybe). So here we are in Lapland it’s so beautiful, we are on a reindeer farm, for those of you that have never done a snow angel this is what it looks like….

Let’s see how it went, oh it’s really not that good, try it in the sand you can do a sand angel instead.

But come and have a look at the reindeer…they are doing special reindeer sled rides. So, in Australia we’ve seen horses, we’ve see cows, we’ve seen sheep, but never reindeer. Apparently here there are 100 000 people here and 100 000 reindeer, come… these are one of Santa’s reindeer, it’s not Rudolf (you can tell cause of the red nose) but is pretty magical here, so beautiful and I hope your Christmas is just as magical as it is here!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, keep dreaming big!!



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