Let me take you to the US Open Tennis

 Why networking is so important!!!

Okay we're in the middle of Arthur Ashe Stadium and just getting ready for the Nick Kyrios Roger Federer match, everyone's outside getting a drink and Madison Peace is just her way through the first round. This is the amazing US Open the Arthur Ashe Stadium, and everyone is just in the calm before the storm as Nick Kyrios it gets ready to take on Roger.

We are currently in the President's Suite which is a little bit special, Katrina Adams who's the president of tennis US has invited Sarah and I to join her in the President's Suite so it's a little bit spesh, that's it up there, to get the food and drink and down here to watch the tennis, it’s really close, there are no more seats between us and the tennis.

So I've shown you some beach volleyball I might have taken you to the Golf (maybe I didn't do a video there) but now we're at the US Open so all the hard work throughout my career has enabled me to meet a lot of people to get invitations to special events like this.

The moral of this story is that networking is very very important and keep in contact with the people you meet, not just once but over and over and checking in with them and being genuinely engaged and interested in what they do, is very very important.

So with Katrina Adams I met her at the Fed Cup in Brisbane further and when the Brisbane International was on and we had a great friendship and we developed a connection and she to New York for the US Open so when you get an invitation like that, you always say yes, that's also the moral of the story, is to say yes to all opportunities and network network network and your connections going. So we are looking for Federer and Kyrios. Later



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