Lessons from Spending One Day with Tony Robbins

OMG I just spent 4 hours at a conference with Tony Robbins, now it wasn’t a Tony Robbins event it was another event that he did a four-hour keynote.

And he spent 3 of those hours getting us in a peak state, like a really high performance peak state.

So we saw 15,000 people bouncing around the room at heights that they probably never experienced themselves and often people think it’s too hard to maintain that state of peak performance or peak energy.

Tony talked about energy, being the key to life and your ability to manipulate your energy or lift your energy at any given any given time on demand.

Which is often how most of the elite athletes do it when the whistle blows or when it’s time for points or to score goals you just turn it up.

So Tony talked about that for three hours, he got us in peak states, jumping around, bouncing around, sweating and everyone needed to go the toilet because we were all bouncing around so much.

But no one left the room for four hours, I don’t think Tony took a breath for four hours, he didn’t take a drink of water.

He really talked to us about choosing to have positive energy, did he call it positive not really but a beautiful state, being in a joyful, happy, fun-loving, amazing, energetic, dynamic, state and choosing that on demand.


How it starts with your body and your physiology and being tall and strong and upright and reaching to be in a peak state.

Because from that your actions are better your behaviours are better and therefore your results are better; that’s ultimately what Tony talks about.

So what are you focusing on in your life right now that was another thing what do you focus on because you get what you focus on if you’re focusing on everything going wrong then you’re probably getting more of things going  wrong if you’re focusing on things going right then you’ll find you’ll have momentum for things going right.

Now momentum goes both ways, like I said the momentum can go for things going wrong or for things going right.

So you choose, you get what you focus on, now there are things going on in life that sometimes ain’t good but choose to focus on the good thing, have gratitude and grace and peacefulness about something in your life that is going great.

Could be your kids, it could be the sun coming up, it could be doing morning yoga (as you know I do lots of that).

So really choose to be in a beautiful state.

Tony has a 90 second rule right, so you can choose all the other states you can suffer in frustration and anger and and resentment and sadness for 90 seconds and then it’s time to pull yourself out to a beautiful peak state.

Now as he said and I’ve experienced this a lot of my trainings were done with the Tony Robbins philosophy by the amazing Kurek Ashley.

It used to start with 90 minutes I been grumpy or pissed off or shitty and I really liked Tony talking yesterday about the 90 seconds, so you’ve got 90 seconds to feel how you want to feel with the event that goes on in your life and then it’s time to get yourself back to the beautiful state.

Because that’s where all of life’s gifts and again, it could take 90 days, nine months, 90 minutes, nine days, and you got to practice and eventually it will become easier.

Tony obviously lives by this 90 second rule which is great.

As an elite athlete we had to really get that down to nine seconds of point nine seconds to feel the resentment frustration anger when things didn’t go our way because we had to be ready for the next point.

So Peak State beautiful state and you will have a beautiful awesome life, high five, thanks Tony.

 p.s. find out more about Tony Robbins here

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