How to Keep Your Motivation High in the Workplace

motivation Aug 04, 2015

Some people are born naturally motivated, self-driven and oozing a desire to be the best. Others have it in them but need that little extra guidance and support to unleash what’s hidden, and that’s where a motivational speaker can offer enormous benefits. By drawing upon their own life experiences and relating it to a particular business or an individual’s situation, motivation will be given the best chance to thrive.


Maintaining a high level of motivation in the workplace is essential. Let’s take a look at a few ways that morale and inspiration can be achieved.


In a business environment, maintaining high motivation of employeesis important to ensuring long term success is achieved in the most cost effective and efficient manner. By identifying causes of low motivation and by adopting techniques and implementing processes to address concerns, both employees and businesses will have a greater chance of success.

It’s evident that different things motivate different people. For some, it could be intrinsic motivators such as recognition, responsibility or achievement; for others, more extrinsic motivators including money, working conditions and benefits are key. It is important then that management work closely with their staff to discuss their personal motivational factors, understand what works well and be consistent.

Motivation needs to be driven from both an individual and business perspective. Management cannot force a worker to have a positive attitude or work productively. They can help pave the way, inspire and provide the gateway to achieving, but the individual needs to want it just as much.


Rumours thrive in the absence of communication. Employees start second guessing themselves, hear mixed messages and can end up confused and disengaged. Keeping motivation high by maintaining clear channels of communication is important and relatively easy to achieve. When allocating work, it’s essential that all of the facts are presented. When rolling out new processes, it’s imperative that correct training is offered and procedures are updated. When sharing the latest organisation-wide news, updates must be the same across the board.

Communication also goes both ways and management need to share information as it comes to hand but also seek feedback. Employees feel empowered when they are given all the facts and can work with the full picture. Clear communication makes for an efficient workplace but also has a major impact on employee morale and motivation levels, especially when it is overlooked.


When was the last time your employees received a well-earned acknowledgement for their work? Staff that are recognised and rewarded are more inclined to continue to perform. We know how costly a demotivated team can be and staff turnover due to lack of morale results in an even more costly outcome. Never underestimate the value of a simple ‘thank you’ too. The key here is to be consistent and fair or it could end up having a negative impact.


Motivated individuals not only set personal goals, but expect them to be established in the workplace too. They know however that once a goal is set, the result won’t just fall into their lap. It needs to be worked towards daily. Highly motivated employees use these goals to aim high and consistently lift the bar on their performance. Keep positive levels of morale in the workplace by setting goals and aiming high.


In an office, it is commonly discussed that the way to improve productivity is to do everything you can to avoid distractions. When it comes to motivation, the same principle applies. But in this sense, there is a need to block out or choose to ignore those who are non-believers. It’s important to recognise that not everyone will have the same dreams and aspirations as you. Not everyone will approach a task in the same way or look upon an opportunity with the same enthusiasm. When you worry about what others think you are losing precious time.

Management can play their part to keep motivation high by encouraging staff to consider the broader organisational goals but be confident to tackle a project with their own slant. It’s not about bending the rules or being the black sheep, but about approaching work in a way that best suits your personality, style and abilities.


One of the easiest ways to ensure motivation remains high in the workplace is to continually encourage staff to learn. There are always new ways to tackle a task and a better approach to consider. The path to education is never over. Often the lack of motivation comes from boredom, so offering opportunities to learn will go a long way to improving morale and motivation.


Have you ever entered a room and felt that the dreary environment was enough to zap any creativity or desire to perform? For an office environment to be a place of positive energy, it needs both a smart set up and staff who feel welcome and valued. Natural light, green plants and a clean, clutter free workplace is just the start. By making sure all employees know they are important, being approachable, and setting a good example, you’ll help to create a positive environment, The more positive your environment, the more motivated and productive your staff will be.

Motivation is important. It brings employees satisfaction. It brings stability to the workplace. It results in increased productivity. Individuals need to believe in themselves, and management need to offer a working environment that helps motivation thrive.


If you need help to take your team’s motivation to the next level, consider hiring one of Australia’s top motivational speakers to challenge and inspire your team. You will enjoy an engaging, interactive workshop and reap the rewards of a more positive working environment down the track.

For a one-on-one motivational session or a group appearance, contact Nat Cook today and enjoy the results of improved job performance. Invite one of Australia’s top motivational speakers to challenge and inspire your team!

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