How Does Job Motivation Affect Performance?

latest news motivation Jul 28, 2015

One of the most important elements that drives us to achieve is motivation, and motivational speakers know this all too well. Without it, our ability to get going, to stay focused and to keep on pushing ourselves even in the face of challenges is hampered. On the job, this motivation is essential for our performance and without it our professional goals and targets will not be achieved. The article answers the question: how does motivation affect job performance?




When we take into consideration the performance of a business, it cannot be looked at in isolation from its employees. They are arguably the biggest assets a business owns and the manner in which staff performs on the job has a significant impact on the results and success of a business.

Motivation is important to a business and its employees. It helps an individual achieve personal goals. A motivated individual will have greater job satisfaction, heightened performance and a willingness to succeed. This is enjoyed by the wider team and the overall organisation.

Employee motivation however, is a common concern for many managers. Unmotivated employees typically spend little or no effort completing required work, often do the bare minimum without a desire to deliver quality outcomes and regularly avoid workplace functions or gatherings. Without any spark of creativity, they are less motivated to perform.

The tricky part of motivation is that every employee has a different trigger that will get them inspired and employers need to work hard to identify ways to motivate each person based on their personal wants and needs.


When an employee is empowered, they are able to take control of and be influential in a particular situation. Empowerment is powerful. It offers that freedom to make decisions and take ownership of the good, and the not so good, outcomes and can only come from someone who is motivated. An employee that desires to have their voice heard, who wants to contribute in a pivotal role and who seeks results, will thrive with empowerment.


When management fail to deal with performance concerns or turn a blind eye to problems in the workplace, this can be a huge motivation killer. By not establishing standards and allowing poor performance to be left unaddressed, the negative implications can very quickly deter those who would typically shine. Motivation is contagious and if the wrong message is being sent from senior leaders, it can have a detrimental impact on job performance.

Looking at this from a more positive slant however, the results and success a team of motivated employees can be looked upon with much desire and can be a drawcard for someone who is seeking that extra inspiration. Surrounding yourself with positive, successful believers is essential.


A motivated employee will always look for a better way to tackle a job. They will always look to streamline a process, eliminate waste, automate tasks and overall produce a more efficient result. It’s in their bones to be quality orientated. It’s in their DNA to work productively.

From a business perspective this is paramount. On the job performance is enhanced and goals are more readily achieved. As a bonus too, higher quality output, typically via an improved and speedier process, results in lower costs.


You’d have to agree that one of the main goals of a business is to make money. You’d also have to agree that without a team of employees who work to achieve the established goals, that profit will never be attained to levels desired. So it is clear that employers have a big role to play when it comes to influencing the job performance of staff if success is to be achieved.

High performers that are highly motivated bring with them a positive attitude and interest in their outcomes. Whilst there is definitely a requirement for the individual to want to perform and want to be motivated, there are also many ways that management can address those who are demotivated and, more importantly, tackle motivation before it becomes an issue. Keeping motivation high can be a challenge depending on the mix of employees and the requirement to stay on top of what each of their individual triggers are, but the results far outweigh the effort.


Without motivation, a person’s desire to achieve a goal is minimal. Even if an employee is equipped with the right tools, skills and training to perform the tasks required of them correctly, the only thing stopping them from doing so is their motivation. If you don’t address the issue of motivation straight away, negative feelings soon develop into a spiral of negative behaviours. This not only reduces the productivity of the individual and starts to affect the rest of the team, but in the worst case it may result in that individual receiving a termination letter, which is the worst possible outcome for everyone. Whatever it may be that’s causing them to loose focus, whether it is an external pressure, a personality conflict or a lack of understanding of how their work fits into the bigger picture, addressing it is and staff need to be provided with a range of opportunities that will inspire them and give them the chance to take the reigns and run with a job.

Consider calling a motivational speaker to visit your workplace. They are the experts in cleverly and subtly influencing motivation levels and ultimately getting unmotivated behaviours turned around sooner rather than later. It’s all about empowerment, confidence, and self-belief.

 Nat Cook is one of Australia’s most valuable motivational speakers for workplace performance improvement. For a one-on-one motivational session or an inspirational group appearance, contact Nat today.

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