How do you cope with the F word?

So today I want to talk about the F word. Four letter word, F word, F word, F E A R fear.

Right I've been skiing for probably two months now in the Swiss Alps, let me tell you that's different to the Australian Hills and I've been getting better going from green to blue and let me tell you not all blue runs are created equal. So it's sort of blue easy, blue medium, blue hard and then you go on to red and so I found myself up here on a red run.

Hmm what do you do now? what the F do you do now? So you feel the fear and do it anyways because there's friggin four year old kids and five year old kids jamming down this mountain and I am trying not to poop my pants.

So from the top of the Swiss Alps baby, I wish I could video this for you, me going down but I have to get down somehow and I'm not good enough to video myself.

So it's time, to toughen up bite down hard on anything and hit the red slope hopefully I'll see you at the bottom, if you get next month's video I made it out alive.

 Au revoir, there they go right behind me I'm just avoiding now, I'm procrastinating because of the F word! What are you procrastinating about because of the F word? Let me know!

See ya!

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