Happy New Year!

Happy New Year I hope you had a fantastic start to 2019! I am in the middle of a snowstorm ironically here in Canada as I was sitting and planning my 2019.

Which I hope you've done and if not then you should take some time for yourself to sit down and just map out what you would like your life and the life of those around you to look like for 2019.

It doesn't take long but then when you've done it feels so good, that you kind of have this map of what you want to get up to. Right some of the dreams you want to live and as you make these plans sometimes I don't always go to plan, we had plans for today New Year’s Day that have now been foiled because of a snowstorm, so whether it's weather, whether it's other people, whether it's circumstance that change the plans along the way what is it that you do next, what is it that you do when things don't go to plan, this is one of the most important parts of being successful.

Because we can all make good plans, that are often dreams, that often sit on the shelf. But what do you do when it doesn’t go to plan the dream is burning inside you, and the dream is still important to you?  How do you change direction, how do you pick yourself back up, how do you invite others to help you on your dream so that it too can come true?

These are some of the big questions, so one of the projects that I'm looking forward to in 2019 is a podcast show with my life partner Sarah and we've called it The Nat and Sarah Show, so I’m going to invite you to join us on that and it's about bringing your dreams to life, it's joining a community of people and us to help you manifest your dreams. We have a simple three-step process, we have podcast twice a week, we're going to be interviewing some of our high achieving friends and find out some of the little tricks and tips about how they too have achieved their dreams. So I'll send you the details on that hopefully you can join us for that amazing podcast and I too will continue to be sending you videos monthly.

As I said in the middle of a snowstorm I don't know where you are New Year’s Day, often things don't go to plan, what do you do next, when it snows we go and build snowmen over an out here's to an  AWESOME 2019!!

xx Nat

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The Nat & Sarah Show: Bringing Your Dreams To Life

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