Happy recovering!

Why is it important to take time out for you? Keep your cup full!

Hi, from Nova Scotia Canada. Today I want to talk to you about recovery.

So you know we're on a year adventure around Europe really, so you asked yourself why are we in Canada? Well you know we were in town for the US Open in New York and then we headed to Canada where Grandma is so that Jordan could spend some time with her Canadian family. In doing so is a great opportunity for us to recover whilst on our adventure, there always needs to be recovery time even when you're on an adventure and even if you're not on an adventure you need recovery time.

So I was kind of famous for my career in regards to recovery, because every week I would schedule my recovery time in first, first, before my training times and it was really important to do that so that I always made sure at the end of every week I was rested and recovered for the next week.

Sometimes I find that people run run run run run run run and always the recovery time is left to last and therefore inevitably there isn't any and when they go to the next week it's the same and before you know it it's what we call burnout.

When burnout happens is a long time to recover or you have to take time off work and sometimes people take a very very long time to recover from that. It's like mental, it's a mental disorder at that point when it's stress and overload and too much.

So take time every week, now whether that looks like a massage, a movie, a golf game, walk the dog, yoga, time with friends or family whatever that is up for you to decide. But always make sure you plan your recovery first and it's non-negotiable, so never ever let anything get in the way, now that means you can move it if something comes up at that time but never ever let it take over that time and make sure you always put it back.


Right so if you have to move if you have, that time schedule for Friday afternoon, something important comes up then you have to make time Saturday or Sunday for your recovery. Because ultimately you come first, if your cup is fall then you can give the overflow to others.

Recovery, recovery, recovery is the most important thing for not only a long career in sport or in business, but a long life. Recover from life, every week go to a movie, read a book, have a game of golf, play some tennis, go to yoga, go fishing, whatever it is that you'd like to do (there is a kayak back there maybe you could go kayaking)

So I wanted to share that with you, even on our 12-month adventure we are putting in recovery time. Recovery time here in Canada, sitting by the ocean watching the ocean and doing nothing, over and out, happy recovering!

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