Find the best in every situation

Wow, the seasons of Switzerland, you would never see this in Australia in February. The snow is just so majestic, its an amazing winter wonderland and I’m hear in Bern at a kids sled park. What’s even more exciting there’s my sled right there and when we go down over jumps enjoying the seasons as I said.

So normally in Australia if it was this cold I’d be complaining, I’d be complaining that its cold, I’d be complaining my toes are cold and wet. What I decided to do coming away for a year of adventure was picking out the best and making the most of every single opportunity and every single thing that was going to happen. I skied today, it was blizzard conditions, the snow was hitting my goggles, normally I’d be complaining but I was just loving it.

So really have turned my attention and focus to making sure that I really find the best out every situation. Try it for a week, its amazing how you feel, when your not complaining (I’m a complainer), my personal trainer training for the Olympics I said to him “look I’m going to complain, just get used to it”, its how, I don’t know if there’s anyone else like this but that’s how I would motivate myself ironically, complain my way through it, push myself through it like that, it was never that fun.


So here in this amazing place in Bern, during the summer it’s a beautiful green spot that they have music festivals and during the winter it a sledding hill for kids and a ski hill for kids and we got a train up here and we’ve just been enjoying the majestic winter conditions.

I’m encouraging you to pick the best our of every single situation you can, make sure you turn your attention your focus your awareness to the best of what you’re doing and you’ll notice a huge difference. So I’m going to go sledding, see ya later.

x Nat 

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