Even Tougher Road in Finland

After 13 hours of travel from Norway. 2 Planes, train, bus and boat (or more accurately ship) we arrived at our destination. Aland (pronounced Orland), half way between Finland and Sweden. They speak both languages and English, take both currencies and have their own flag! How cool is that. The Island is just over a kilometer wide, so we rented bikes and that is how we get around the place.

Yeah, in the qualifier again. I think we could be here a while  First round France….not so bad! However our second round is the #1 seed who this week happens to be USA 1 (Ross/Kessy – 2009 World Champions) who had a late entry into the event and therefore has to enter the main draw via the qualifier. So not fair. There were 3 USA teams in this situation. They were all supposed to be in California for the Manhattan Open on the AVP tour. However a week ago the AVP closed its doors and so they all stayed and ended up in the qualifier. How rude.

So we had a slow start against France but managed to win comfortably in the end. Throwing us to the lions. This time though we were ready. We knew they would be nervous, as they don’t ever find themselves in the single elimination qualifier. So the pressure was on them. We started great. Winning the first set with some entertaining and enjoyable to play volleyball. Digs, blocks, spikes, the action was hot. Then we got the speed wobbles again and the wheels fell off. Losing the next 2 sets to again be denied of a spot in the main draw. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! Let me tell you losing sux. And sport was never meant to be fair! If it was we would all have gold medals.

So guess what….we train more, watch lots of volleyball, go to the gym and buy another boat. There are no laundry facilities available to the public other than if you own a boat!

I got to babysit Arley so Tamsin and Al could have a quiet dinner. He is so cute and I love hanging out with him. He is only 11 months old and so much character.

Another short volleyball week to report on. Bummer dude. But we are getting better, so that is the only thing that keeps me going. Like a social golfer. It only takes 1 good shot to keep them coming back to tee off each week.

Off to Holland for our last week in this block. Bring on some wins!


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