Employee Wellbeing is Key to Happiness and Motivation - FIX IT NOW!

As all successful businesses know, employee wellbeing is absolutely crucial to happiness and motivation within the workplace . Let’s face it, there aren’t many people going to work thinking about how much fun they’re going to have that day. Without happy and motivated staff members, your business can’t thrive. One of the best ways to inspire a happy and healthy working environment is to develop a series of fun team building games. These can work as powerful business tools that any corporation or business can take advantage of to help their business grow and to mould their staff into a team. We’ve outlined the reasons why these games are so brilliant, as well as given a few suggestions as to where to start. Read on to find out more!


A thriving, successful business involves a group of motivated individuals working towards a common goal. The leaders and managers of such a business need to have a solid understanding of personality types to ensure the working environment is productive and cooperative. Any issues you might currently have within your workplace may have developed due to poor communication skills or even an inability to get along. Team building games are especially designed to foster motivation, cooperation, teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving skills in people within a working environment. They promote the development of creative skills and relationships, and allow insight into the types of people within the organisation. From your employee wellbeing campaign, you can expect:

  • Easier employee motivation—this is a constant, ongoing challenge. The office team building games create an opportunity for employers to learn the characteristics and abilities of their employees and to use them to greater advantage. Employees working in areas they excel at will help to break down stress and to improve the business’s culture as a whole.
  • Improved problem-solving skills—their experiences over time help staff members to develop new and better ways to solve problems. These ways often become second nature. The office team building games offer staff members a safe place to think creatively.
  • Breaking down barriers—the games help to break down any walls that have been built between co-workers. They are forced to work side-by-side while casting aside their differences. It enables staff members to get to know their co-workers in an informal setting, to break the ice and to initiate conversation.
  • Goal mindsets—the office team building games will help you as an individual to look at the goals of the group as a whole, while putting a different perspective on individual goals. New understandings are developed; particularly that the goals of any of the group members are just as important as your own. Teamwork is crucial in any organisation, and these types of office team building games are great for developing those types of skills.
  • Improved communication—with team building exercises each group will generally have a leader, with members of the group working with the leader to ensure the best possible outcome. Interactions like this dictate the way that communication should flow within any organisation. Just imagine—no more mountains of emails from 10 different people stating the same thing! Bliss.


Who knew the road to success was paved with fun? There are literally hundreds of office games you can play to encourage and motivate your employees. Choosing the best ones can be a little tricky as you’re spoiled for choice. Here are a few of the most popular ones to get you started.

  • Hypotheticals—a team’s plane crashes on a desert island. Choose and rank 12 items needed to survive and talk about why. Each team should choose a spokesperson to talk about the choices with the room. This game encourages communication and creativity and develops group-working skills.
  • Salt and pepper—rather like celebrity heads. Come up with pairs of things, like salt and pepper, male and female, dark and light. Tape one word onto the back of each person. Everyone needs to ask yes or no questions to figure out who or what they are. Once they know, they need to find their pair and introduce themselves. Again, communication and creative thinking skills are emphasised and built upon, while relationships are developed between team members.
  • Storyboard—each person is handed a picture that makes up part of a story. Each person must describe his or her picture and people work together to figure out the correct sequence to tell the whole story. Again, teamwork and communication skills are emphasised.
  • Office trivia—one of the most simple office games to set up, as well as one of the most enjoyable. Participating in a few fun rounds of trivia will encourage teamwork and sharpen the mind. Who doesn’t enjoy a little fun competition every now and then? You can set it up to include different topics, like history, music, movies, sport, or whatever excites or interests your staff members. And including prizes just ups the ante a little bit!
  • Office scavenger hunt—another great way to loosen up and have fun in the office is to have a scavenger hunt. You could have just a simple search and find checklist, turn it into a photographic scavenger hunt, or come up with cryptic clues that your staff members need to decipher. Whatever engages your team members and encourages problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Really, it all depends on your own preferences and Nat Cook can definitely help in that area!

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