Benefits of Motivation on Sports Performance

motivation Nov 10, 2015

Why do you play a sport or maintain an exercise routine? For some, it’s having a thirst for pushing oneself further and further each time and feeling that sense of success when they make it through one more training session or game. For others, it is the adrenaline that comes with competing and the brilliant sense of joy and triumph that comes when you belong to a team and win a game. For many it’s a combination of the above that is the perfect mixture for feeling good, in both mind and body. This article answers the question: what are the benefits of motivation on sports performance? So let’s find out…


The first thing is that nobody’s perfect! Performing to the best of your ability and challenging yourself each time is tough. The results are often not seen until months or even years of training have taken place. It can be difficult for anyone to stay motivated in the long-term, particularly if they are training solo and have nobody to make them accountable. That’s just one example of when motivating coaches and sports motivational speakers can step in.

Motivation is an essential part of sports performance. Self-motivation and extrinsic motivation combined together form the best kind of motivation and encourage goal setting and working hard to reach that goal.3

So how do you make sure you maximise the benefits of motivation on sports performance for yourself? By understanding exactly how it all works!


The best thing about self-motivation is you can take it with you anywhere and use it at any time. It’s your inner voice and one of the best things to use when training, during a sports match or to gear yourself up before facing a challenge. It’s easier said than done at times, particularly if you aren’t seeing any visible successes or other areas of your life are interfering in your energy levels. Optimal self-motivation leads to taking that leap, having a go, challenging yourself, and ultimately contributes to a better sports performance where you are sustaining a high-quality engagement while playing.


Self-motivation is not always enough. What if your inner voice isn’t playing ball? What if you need an outer voice to tell your inner voice to wake up? That’s where extrinsic motivation is perfect for benefiting your overall sports performance. Good coaching, an encouraging team mate and taking some time out to develop and reinvigorate your sporting goals by attending conferences and hearing sports motivational speakers will all give your extrinsic motivation a boost. This is bound to result in personal sporting success.


Praise is an essential, motivating force for being the best you can be. If you are working hard, doing a great job, but nobody tells you so, it will eventually bring you down and reduce your motivation overall. Human beings thrive on being praised when they are doing a great job, as well as being challenged when necessary. It’s a balancing act and it is important to ensure that you are receiving a lot of positive praise when you deserve it from your coach or teammates, but also being told to lift your game or go to the next level, too. A mixture of praise and being challenged is a great benefit for motivating you in your sports performances.


The biggest misconception about the benefits of motivation for sports performance is thinking that you need the same type of motivation for all sports. It doesn’t work that way, though. For example, if you are a tennis player, the type of motivation you need will differ to that of a basketball player. The difference being that the tennis player is playing solo for a variable time and relying on his or herself to get through the game and keep playing to the best of their ability, whereas the basketball player is playing with a team and using that as their main motivator during a game. The degree of tactics required and battling the elements, such as the weather, is also a contributing factor to the type of motivation needed.


The key to maintaining motivation for success in your sporting performance is education. The more you can develop your own, individual methods for raising yourself up when you are feeling low, the more chances you have of succeeding. Accomplishing high standards in any sport takes a certain degree of focus and drive that can only be produced if you are fully motivated. It’s also important to learn to identify any triggers that may interfere with your motivation, such as cold weather or being overtired, and combat them before they bring you down.

High levels of motivation can benefit your sporting performance more than you would ever believe; it is absolutely essential whether you are playing for recreation or for competition. It raises you up, keeps you going and tells you that you can achieve whatever your heart desires. As long as you stay motivated, you can take anything on and achieve it!

Are you still asking the question: what are the benefits of motivation on sports performance? Hopefully not! But, if recognise you need help to take yourself or your team’s motivation skills to amazing levels, you might consider working with one of Australia’s top sports motivational speakers to inspire you. Nat Cook can help you and your team members understand what makes them be the best motivators for themselves and for others. You are bound to notice the difference it makes!

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