Achieve Your Goals - Shout Them From the Rooftop!


We’ve been doing a lot of talk lately about goals. So, often people write down their goals and keep them to themselves. And if you ask yourself why would you do that? Often people say it’s because they’re afraid if they fail that people will give them a hard time. And yeah that’s probably going to happen, especially if you’re vocal about your goals! And you don’t achieve them then you’ve got to be ready for that consequence. But there’s a reason why you would tell absolutely everyone about your goals. And that is because on the flip side of being afraid of failure and afraid of being heckled for not achieving them; the flip side is that there are actually people out there that are willing to help you.


Shock horror! Like imagine if you set your goals out there and someone said, ‘Oh that’s great, I can help you do that’. So as an example we – my partner Sarah and I and Jordan are looking to go to Europe June 2018, for a year! On like a traveling holiday, maybe do some Olympic projects or some volleyball projects over there in Europe. But and also my company is starting up in the UK and that’s pretty exciting. So I’m going to go over there and do some work. Now as soon as I start telling everyone, then of course they want to help! They want to help with accommodation; they want to help with opportunities they want to meet up with me! And like I have a friend in Australia, Shelley who wants to come to Switzerland and see us.

So other people can actually help support you in your goals too. So I would be more excited about that, so I would shout it from the rooftop and be okay with the consequence if it doesn’t go to plan. Because you’re going to find more people wanting to help you achieve your goals, than are going to pick on you if you don’t do it. Now if you don’t do it that’s ok! If a goal isn’t achieved you can just sit down, review – find out why, write down what worked what didn’t work and sit a new one! That’s the best part. Set a new one. 


So I’m here today to encourage you to shout it from the rooftop. Carrie and I, when we were going for our Olympic gold medal we told everyone that we were going to win. Now, here’s the other secret – we hadn’t won an international event before the Olympic games! We had not won! Did you hear that? We had not won an international event before the Olympic games with all the big guns in the field.

So we had to walk different, talk different, act different, have a different posture, have a different expectation. Once we declared what we wanted. So imagine that for you – if you declare your goal then, (a) people can support you (b) you actually have to change some of your habits and some of the things you do and change your posture and then go out and get on with it! So shout the goals from the rooftop! Europe we’ll see you next year.


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