A Special Moment for Me!

latest news video Nov 14, 2017


Hi this week from Switzerland, yes it might seem a bit surreal, last week I was in Fiji and this week I’m in Switzerland.

I’m here for world Olympian association meetings and of course had to make a trip to the Olympic Museum, which is behind me, which I have never been into.

I’m about to go in, after 5 Olympic games and 20 years competing for Australia, I have never been to the Olympic Museum, so its very special.

I just thought I would show you round a bit, there is the Olympic flame which burns continuously and standing over it is Mr Pierre de Coubertin who is the founder of the modern Olympics.

So there is a lot of art, you’ll see some art in the background, there are football players, a lake, here in Switzerland, Lausanne.

They have a lot of records, they have the pole vault record and the high jump record right there, so as you walk into the museum you go under that.

So it’s a bit nostalgic, I wanted to share it with you, you’ve been with me all year on this journey of consistency and obviously my consistency helped me get to the Olympic games and I just wanted to have you be a part of the experience or me entering the museum for the first time.

So I’m excited to go and see all of the other athletes that I’ve looked up to that have inspired me.

I don’t know who your mentors are, I don’t know who has inspired you to do great things.

If you don’t have a mentor, I encourage you to look for one or look for someone who you aspire to be like and just have a think about their traits and why you want to be like them, maybe you want to adopt some of their traits of courage, consistency, loyalty, strength, power, innovation, fun, dynamic, whatever it is and take it on.

So as I said there are lot of my idols that are going to be in there and hopefully I will find myself somewhere.

Who knows where that will be, but surely I’m in the Olympic Museum, on a list, on a wall or something.

So ahh… I’m honoured that you can be here with me, on this very special moment and the flame burns inside me, the Olympic flame, it burns all year here at the Olympic museum and yep, I just wanted to say Hi from Switzerland!


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