Memories for the soul

What would make your heart sing? Time to make it happen.

G’day from Cape Upstart in Far North Queensland, so you might have a Google but it's between Bowen and Home Hill and you can only get here by boat. It's a national park and it's somewhere where my grandfather used to come and help his friends build a hut. He decided in his wisdom years ago not to buy his own block and build his own hut, which back

then was a hundred pound for your own block of land, on this amazing national park off the coast. He decided not to, in his wisdom and he would help everybody else build their huts and in return he would be able to bring his family to this amazing place. So this is where I got to come every year for my first 9 or 10 years of my life to have a holiday in the school holidays.

So the first message is please if you ever get an opportunity to purchase something that you think is too good to be true, do it, because it's very sad to me that it's been 30 odd years since we've been back here, because we lost the connection obviously when my grandfather's friends died and my grandfather died.

I used to climb these rocks as a kid when I was little and they were huge back then, of course they’re only kind of little but to me is a little five-year-old, they were massive. This video is about reminiscing, it's about having a think about what you'd love to do 30 odd years ago and what was a spiritual home (which this is for me) for you and maybe you can try and find your way back there. The way this happened for me was a chance meeting, I actually put in the newspaper in an article that my favourite holiday destination as a kid growing up was Cape Upstart and someone who had a hut here at Cape Upstart, who actually looked across the bay at the hut that I used to stay in, a wonderful man called Cole, from Home Hill, he read the article and then he happened to see me at a tennis event in Brisbane, because I love to go to the Brisbane Tennis International and he came up and he said we have something in common ‘Cape Upstart’ and of course I started to cry and tear up because its very sentimental. Not only did we come here for school holidays but this is where I spread the ashes of my grandfather some 11 years ago, so he's out there in the ocean right now.

 The generosity of this man Cole to come and not only share the story but then invite us and my whole family with Jordan is here so I can show Jordan the experience of climbing on the rocks and playing in the ocean and getting on a boat and bringing all your food in and sleeping in bunk beds, in a very basic primitive hut. It's so special, so make sure that your memories can be recreated with the next generation make sure that you relive them, go back to somewhere that ‘actually you don't think is possible’ and find a way to relive it again because it is so very very special.

So that's the task for the month have fun reminisce so I'm gonna go and spend my time here at Cape Upstart go and find Jordan and go for a swim granddad used to like oysters – we used to shuck them off the rocks but not a fan unless they're cooked like Kilpatrick.

Anyway, memories are great go and relive some of them! Bye


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