Dreams coming true!

 After 2 years of planning and energetically aligning to a 12 month Swiss adventure it is finally here...where are you going?

Hi! So dreams do come true, we talked about dreaming a lot, and I’ve made it finally to Switzerland. After two years (of when the first dream started) and then of course putting everything in place that needs to happen on a dream so big as wanting to live in Switzerland and travel around Europe for a year. That took two years to get to this point, packing up a house and there were many turns along the way I thought are we doing the right thing? With a three-year-old daughter and wanting her to experience the amazing Europe and the amazing Switzerland before she goes to school. There are always doubts and things that pop up in your head, so we made it.

Here it is the amazing Lausanne in Switzerland, french-speaking and fortunately my partner Sarah speaks French, my little girl Jordan understands German and my English is pretty good, so between us we'll have a good time. 

So, dreaming again, I can't stress enough that it is way better than it looks in the pictures it is way better than it looks in my head and we've been here only a week. So I really wanted to again stress to you,  keep dreaming, keep dreaming, keep dreaming, get it bigger and bigger, like blowing up a balloon right! If it's been a long time since you've had a dream have it like blowing up a balloon you might you might have a couple of breaths in there and the dreams might be little and achievable and then really stretch yourself really extend the balloon and really find something that excites you enough to want to bust your butt to get there!

Because something like living in Europe for us for a year has definitely done that and it stretched us in ways that I never thought would happen and of course you only know when you get to the horizon, what step is required next, you can't possibly plan for everything and there was no way that I could have planned for everything on our journey here when you get to the next step the path will open up the obstacle will come and then you'll be given opportunities to find a way around it through it over it. So happy “Switzerland to us” we are here in summertime I know most of you are in Australia and it's probably getting cold, the lake is pretty cold we have had a dive in the lake and I will show you one of my favourite postcard moments of me jumping off the diving platform which now is our new swimming hole. So our new swimming pool is like Geneva, so have a great month.

 I know we just lost the State of Origin which is a bit depressing for us Queenslanders but I think 12 out of 13 wasn't too bad so good job to the Blues and we'll see you next year you can never count out a Queenslander. Happy dreaming!

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