1 week to go! Get your MOVE on!


Good morning live from the yoga studio well I’m still sitting in the car cause it’s raining outside.

Normally I don’t like to go outside if it’s raining, or if it’s cold, lucky it’s not cold!

Or if it’s before Jordan gets out of bed, which it is half past six now and Jordan usually doesn’t get out of bed till 7:00 and I’m here getting ready for yoga.

Part of the reason I’m doing that, is it’s the GET YOUR MOVE ON campaign during the month of October and it is the last week, so I’m super motivated, committed and dedicated to helping our Aussie kids get healthy and stay healthy and avoid obesity and the challenges that come with that later in the life.

So again it’s this thing called “commitment” right! I rolled over in bed I heard the rain I thought, I don’t really want to go today, I don’t really want to get up, but there’s something bigger some purpose driving me to get up and of course right now this month it’s the GET YOUR MOVE ON campaign, so if you don’t know what that is and this is the first video you’ve seen in a while then go to getyourmoveon.org.au and have a look, donate, help us out so that we can tackle this challenge called childhood obesity.

But really today’s message is again that “commitment” what are you rolling over in bed turning off the alarm for and stopping your life from moving forward?

You might have huge goals, you might have something that you want to achieve and usually if it’s huge and you’re driven and you’re motivated it’s easier to get out of bed but some days there are some challenges.

So keep focused on your purpose, keep focused on your vision, keep focused on the endgame and that’s where all the fruits and joy are.

So sometimes we’re going to do things we don’t like, to get to the end and get through it but the only way through is through and so I had to get out of bed today to come and do my yoga practice.

Which of course has been my theme for the year and I’m nearing into the end of the year and not that I’m going to stop my yoga next year but it’s definitely been a challenge for this year, for me to stay consistent and with a practice.

The practice of getting videos once a week and also the practice of yoga. So I hopfully you think I’m doing okay getting out one video a week.

Here we are again at yoga, I hope it’s not boring you, but interestingly enough it’s that consistent practice where some people think is boring, is what’s so important in our life our body actually likes the same foods, the consistency of the same foods and also the consistency of a similar exercise.

Of course we need to change our exercise to have the body adapt but that’s why when I go to yoga the practice is different every single time so I’m going to stop rabbiting on this week, I’m gonna give you last week of get your move on so if you’re in it with me keep moving, show us your moves and I look forward to seeing you next week, have a good week!


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