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Arnold Schwarzenegger Tips For Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tips For Success

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT > Arnold Schwarzenegger Tips For Success

Good morning! I am at the beautiful manly beach today and there’s killing a few birds with one stone! There’s a beach volleyball tournament going on. I’ve just finished my two days with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he was absolutely fantastic. We got to hear him speak and we then got to have a picture with him which was 400 people lining up to take photos with Arnold. I get tired after 20 to 50 pictures but he was gracious and stood there and did four hundred pictures. Recovery day down at the beach and that’s why this week video is a little bit late. I wanted to make sure we got to talk to you about Arnie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tips – Six Strategies For Success

So he gave us all a book Total Recall and you know it’s pretty thick so a lot of reading to do there! But he also gave a speech for 40 minutes and then answered questions for half an hour. I wrote in the back of the book all of his success strategies that I want to share with you. So today’s video might be a little bit longer but I want to make sure that if you never ever get to see Arnie live and hear him that you get some of his nuggets. So it was great to listen to. He was obviously was the governor of California so he’s very well-spoken actually with his Austrian accent but he he’s obviously delivered many a speech. So he had six strategies for success.

#1 Have A Big Vision

The first one was to have a vision. Have a big vision, have a big goal and the little bit at the end because you’ve probably heard that before, that’s a no-brainer right! To follow it! Right! So some people have big visions and they don’t follow it, they just remain dreams rather than turning them into goals, making action steps and following through. So he said that part of the reason he was successful was that he was always smiling even when it got tough in the gym and he visualised a lot.

#2 Never Ever Ever Think Small

So number two was never ever ever think small. The opposite to that is to think big and always shoot for the stars. And when he says winners – the reason winners are winners, is they always get up. They get knocked down a lot and he did too but they always get back up. And he said it’s just as much effort to shoot low or shoot small as it is to shoot, big so why not too big!

#3 Ignore The Naysayers

Number three is kind of his favourite and one of his trademarks – ignore the naysayers. So this is for everyone out there who has people in their life that say you can’t do that; that’s impossible. So I’m sure you’ve heard those three things and he heard that a lot in his body building days. In his movie making days they said that someone was that accent would never do good in the movies. He actually started taking accent removal classes. One of the things I learned from him was that he was really dedicated to being the best. He wanted to be the best at everything; not just a good body builder but the best. Not just a good movie star but kind of on the poster and the feature, which he did. And not just you know a mayor or city councillor but the governor. And if he could have he would have gone for presidency of the United States but because he’s not born there he was not allowed to. He even tried to change that rule too! His accent is pretty endearing and he said a few things along the way – like it’s not a ‘tumor’ but he didn’t say I’ll be back which we would have liked to have heard at the end! So where am I? And one of the quotes he liked was Nelson Mandela’s ‘it sounds impossible until someone does it’. So you be the one that does it, you be the one to change history, you can do it with the message he had for all of us.

#4 Forget About Plan B

Number four – forget about Plan B. Now, how many of you have a plan B? I even have a plan B! He says forget about Plan B. So the way I took that was not to actually not have one but go after Plan A, a hundred percent! Like most people have plan B is an off ramp or an exit strategy if it doesn’t work. But in Arnie’s eyes plan A has to work! You only have one plan and that has to work and you find a way to make it work. No backup plan really! He says try again and again and again and fail again and again and again and just learn to fail better.

#5 Work Your Ass Off

Number five – work your ass off, work your ass off! I’m sure a lot of you out there doing that right now keep doing it because it pays dividends. Work your ass off! One more rep, one more call, one more marketing strategy, one more post on Facebook whatever it requires!

#6 Don’t Just Take, Give Something Back

Number six – don’t just take, give something back. Leave your mark in the world and contribute back to the world. If not me who and if not now, when were his parting words. And he said go to work on we not just on me!

So with that, I know it’s been a longer video, I hope you had a good time here at Manly Beach. I’m about to go in the water with Jordan and my partner Sarah and I’ll leave you with that this week and we’ll see you next week! Hasta la vista baby! I’ll be back next week!

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