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Motivational Speakers Natalie Cook

Are you ready to get this party started and release your own brand of awesome?

For 5 time Olympian Nat Cook, success started with a dream, passion and sheer determination. The same recipe can work for YOU! If you're looking for motivational speakers for your next event, Nat Cook is the gold standard!

We're all hardwired for success. It's in our DNA. I'll help you ignite your passion and pinpoint your purpose to achieve what you've always visualised!

It's time to achieve your dreams and unleash your potential. Every context for success is different but the message of grit and determination remains the same, and it's all about your journey. I'll help you write your very own success story. Even booking the best motivational speakers in Australia won't change your life overnight, but with Nat's unique style and approach, she might just be the boost you need to take action!

Focusing on the specifics, you'll learn the secrets of a highly successful life and the key to being the best version of yourself. Leave your comfort zone and get ready for an awesomely gruelling motiv8tional transformation! Are you ready for a motivational speaker that challenges you, has you laughing and ready to take action?

We go deep, so get ready to enjoy the plunge. Learn to expel the excuses and rethink the way you see yourself so you can achieve your very own gold medal moment!

Hold the hold-ups, be fearless and most importantly laugh along the way. It’s time to activate your aspirations and start the party today. You're on the edge of your very own evolution.

A Motivational Speaker Like No Other!

Travelling the Australian and international motivational speaker circuit, I’ve been sharing my story with others just like you. If you or your team need a high energy delivery to activate your own awesomeness, stop the search and pick up the phone now.

Whether it’s a keynote address to business groups and luncheons, or one on one personal growth sessions, together we’ll tap into what gets you ticking, and unlock the secrets to sheer determination and willpower. No excuses, so get ready to bring it so you can be exactly where you need to be. Nat is a motivational speaker truly like no other!

Australian Motivational Speakers - Nat Is Number 1!

Finding the right Australian motivational speakers can be challenging and time consuming, but with the natural ability and signature speaking delivery of Nat Cook, you can end the search. Seriously, stop seaching and get booking! Think motivational speaker, think Nat Cook. Easy!

Highly regarded on the national motivational speaking circuit for events of all styles, Natalie Cook is the leading Australian motivation speaker and she practices exactly what she preaches.

Get ready to be captivated by her fascinating journey, as attendees will find something unique to take away from her energetic, entertaining, and thought provoking delivery. Secure a real drawcard as the motivational speaker for your next event by enlisting the ultimate crowd pleaser as your guest speaker to engage and empower you and your team.

I was born ready! Book Nat Today!

5 things to look for in Australian motivational speakers

Does the motivational speaker have something meaningful to share?

Does the motivational speaker have something meaningful to share?

Any half-decent actor can get up on a stage, grab a microphone and jump around shouting random ‘ra-ra’ statements for a few minutes and call it ‘inspirational’. You need to get to the heart of it and be certain that the motivational speaker you book for your next event has something truly inspirational to share.

Nat Cook is a 5-time Olympian who has not only achieved sporting success but also built her own businesses from the ground up. She knows what it takes to succeed in sports, commerce and life in general. When she speaks, her audiences are moved by the knowledge that she’s walked the same path as they have and can show them the way to success! In the world of motivational speakers, Nat is in a class of her own.

Are they a leader among Australian motivational speakers?

Are they a leader among Australian motivational speakers?

You don’t want just any motivational speaker in Australia; you want one of the best. Do you want your audience to be inspired to be… pretty good? Motivated and get up and go… for a little while? Or do you want them to experience true, lasting inspiration to follow their path to the pinnacle of success? Of course you do. That’s something only the best, most experienced motivational speakers in Australia can offer!

Nat Cook is no newbie. She’s built up her reputation as a leader among Australian motivational speakers over the course of two decades. She’s even inspired other motivational speakers to describe her like this: “A force of nature. She will inspire you to greatness.”

Will the speaker be able to hold your audience’s attention?

Will the motivational speaker be able to hold your audience’s attention?

Whether you’re booking a motivational speaker for school kids, a sporting team, corporate event or presentation ceremony, you need to make sure they can hold your audience’s attention for the full period of time allotted. A corporate audience is less likely to run riot than school kids, but the end result is the same – money wasted.

With a variety of props (including a superhero cape!) and spellbinding storytelling skills at her disposal, Nat Cook ensures the entire room hangs on her every word. Of her keynote presentation at a women’s luncheon it was said: “Nat was instantly engaging, energetic and witty; holding everyone’s absolute attention.”

Will the motivational speaker truly understand your audience?

Will the motivational speaker truly understand your audience?

Check the experience of the motivational speaker you’re looking to book: will they be able to tailor a presentation that speaks directly to your audience? Will they start talking to your school kids about mortgages or to your football team about bear markets and blue chip stocks?

Nat Cook has successfully motivated a huge range of audiences over the year, from corporate leaders right through to young girls just starting out on their sporting journey. She takes the time to listen to her audience and get to know them. She asks: what does success meant to them? What are their unique roadblocks on their journey and how can they overcome them?

Will the motivational speaker inspire your audience to take action?

Will the motivational speaker inspire your audience to take action?

It’s all very well to leave a session on a high, feeling good about yourself and like you might do something about it at some point in the future. It’s not, however, a good sign that your motivational speaker has been effective. You want to book motivational speakers who will not only inspire attendees on the day but motivate them to take long-term, life-changing actions.

Nat Cook understands this and spends time guiding attendees through the practical, concrete steps that will carry them along their path to success and ensure they are equipped to beat the many obstacles that life will throw in their way.

5 common questions when booking motivational speakers in Australia

Is a motivational speaker right for my event?

Is a motivational speaker right for my event?

Motivational speakers give inspiring and moving addresses at a wide range of events around Australia. If you’re not sure if a motivational speaker is right for your event, ask yourself:

  • Will people be able to stop, listen and engage with the motivational speaker?
  • Could my audience benefit from an injection of renewed energy and inspiration?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to these questions, then a motivational speaker is definitely right for your event.

Over the past two decades Nat Cook has spoken at events as varied as:

  • Keynote speaker for conferences, luncheons and awards nights
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Charity events
  • Team building workshops – corporate, schools and sporting
  • Corporate and leadership training.

Should I book motivational speakers with experience in my sport or business?

Should I book motivational speakers with experience in my sport or business?

You might think you need to book a motivational speaker who has trodden the exact same path to success to your audience. What could a football player know about the rigours of tennis training? How could a golfer possibly understand the pressures inherent in a corporate environment? What you need to understand is that the path to success looks different to every single person, even if they’re playing the same field.

Truly great motivational speakers such as Nat Cook delve deeply into both the personal and the professional aspects of inspiration to uncover the grit, determination and tools to succeed that we all hold within ourselves.

Is it important that the speakers have their own inspiring story?

Is it important that the speakers have their own inspiring story?

If you’ve never been there, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to keep picking yourself up again and again through gruelling trials over many years to finally triumph and achieve your wildest dreams. It’s incredibly important that you choose a motivational speaker who can talk the talk AND has walked the walk.

Nat Cook strikes the perfect balance between sharing enough of her inspiring journey to sporting and business success; and listening to her audience to understand and encourage them along their own path to fulfilment. Her stories are relatable, meaningful and real; her takeaways are inspiring, transferable and actionable.

How will attendees benefit?

How will attendees benefit?

How will attendees benefit? How long is a piece of string? The effects of improved motivation are long-lasting and permeate every aspect of the personal and professional lives of attendees. And that’s before we even start to count the huge positive impact that increased motivation has on the effective functioning of teams and businesses!

Benefits of increased motivation include:

  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Ability to set goals; and go after them!
  • Improved communication and team cohesiveness
  • Greater sense of well-being, health and happiness
  • Increased ability to focus and break down the barriers to success!

As Nat herself says, “I tailor my presentations to address the things that matter, so they learn to never give up and go on to uncover the secrets to their own success!”

What equipment do I need to provide?

What equipment do I need to provide?

If it’s your first time booking a motivational speaker it can be hard to know what to expect. Will there be a PowerPoint presentation? Will they need a microphone, stage, fancy sparkling mineral water or brass band fanfare? The equipment needed by a motivational speaker will vary depending on the speaker’s style, the size and type of audience and your chosen venue – it’s best to simply ask.

Nat Cook has inspired people in small workshops right through to large audiences of 10,000! She’ll let you know what equipment is needed – possibly none! Although she always brings her own props, which vary depending on the audience – think superhero cape and a few balls to throw around!

It's time to get motiv8ed!

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