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What Would You Choose TO Lose?

What Would You Choose To Lose – The 30 Day Challenge!

Video Transcript > What Would You Choose To Lose – The 30-Day Challenge!

Howdy! Now I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world that loves winning as much as me. Like I find it hard to let my godson win at a running race. So winning is key! And so somebody said to me recently ‘when would you ever choose to lose?’ And I really had to think about it. And there wasn’t many times but I did realise four years ago I chose to lose 10 kilos of body weight. Because after retiring from Olympic sport I put on a bit of weight and I’ve been able to maintain that over the last four years.

When I Chose To Lose!

And now what would I choose to lose? Right, what would I choose to lose? Well, I have an allergy to the gym so I’m going to choose to lose that allergy to the gym and go and build some muscles. And my invitation to you is what would you choose to lose? Is it some bad habits? Is it some toxic thoughts? Is it some sugar cravings, caffeine cravings, alcohol cravings? Is it just feeling better about yourself again, like choosing to lose being sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well, I’m here to help you! I’m here to offer 30 days of me coaching you through a program to help you jump out of bed, help you lose some extra kilos. Some sticky kilos. Some of you might only have a couple, some of you may have a lot that have decided to like live on your body for a long time. Let’s get rid of those. I’m here to help you through losing whatever it is you want to lose.

Choose to lose today with Natalie Cook!

So read through some of the stuff below and if it’s of interest to you then let me know. I’d love to help. I’ll be your coach personally for the 30 days. And you’ll have to change what you eat, you’ll have to change a few other habits but that’s why I’m there to help you through that. And if this isn’t for you, if you’re not ready to choose to lose then maybe you’ve got some friends or family. So flick it on to them and I’m happy to help them too. So can’t wait to hear from you what you choose to lose!

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