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What Do You Do When Things Go Pear Shaped?

What Do You Do When Things Go Pear Shaped?

So, what do you do when things don’t go to plan? This is probably the most important thing you will need for success in anything you do. Because it’s really easy to high-five which is what we do in beach volleyball when you’re winning. Right. Momentum is awesome when it’s on your side for the better. So when you spike a ball and you win a point, go give Kerry a high-five! Really easy! But what about when I spiked the ball out? Right, all the voices in my head, the voices in her head, the crowds’ voices, the referee’s voices – all coming down on you. Can you high-five when it’s not going to plan or you’ve made mistakes?

So, here is something for you. The best time to make the, ‘what if it goes pear-shaped plan’, is when you’re doing great. So, when things are really successful, sit down and write some notes on, if the wheels fell off or if something went wrong, how would you tackle it? How would you respond? Because if you’ve got that plan in place, when the mistake or the wheels fall off happen then it’s really easy to go ‘insert plan’. Most people make that plan up when it’s all gone pear-shaped. Or when they’ve fallen off the bike and they’re all cut up and they’re in the hospital or their health’s not good and they’re in the hospital trying to make a plan of how to get healthy!

Planning Ahead – Being Prepared In Advance

Make the plan now while you’re in a good space about what you do if things go wrong. So as an example, beach volleyball court really easy for me to talk about. When we would hit the ball out, now this took a lot of practice. We would actually cheer. Now I had to practice cheering out loud when I hit the ball out in the beginning. But then by the time I mastered it I could cheer on the inside. But the crowd would not know I’ve made a mistake. I never dropped my head, I never got frustrated, I always stayed upright, my posture was good big breath, big smile – like I just won the point and I would celebrate! So that’s one strategy!

So if the wheels fall off – big tall posture, shoulders back, breathe in, smile and make your decision from there. So make a plan – could be phone a friend. You could have your mentor, your business mentor that you call and say, ‘hey this has just happened’, and actually set your mentor up to say if the wheels fall off I’m calling you! So they know it’s coming. Now you could have a block of chocolate in the drawer, you could have some people say a glass of wine. I wouldn’t recommend that one but you could. Just one! Not a bottle, just one! So you’ve got to have your plan ready for when things don’t go to plan. And make that plan when you’re in a good space – tip of the week. Talk to you later

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