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Podcasts To Listen To - Featuring Natalie Cook

Podcasts To Listen To – Featuring Natalie Cook

Video Transcript > Podcasts To Listen To – Featuring Natalie Cook

Ok! So we’ve talked about podcasts before, we’ve talked about self-development we’ve talked about you know building yourself up from the inside out. And strategies and techniques to have you tackle life. Be resilient, be excitable, be playful, dynamic, innovative. And podcasts these days as well as books, especially if you’re on a plane read a book. But podcasts while you’re walking, running, in the gym or even on the way to work in the car are really cool. So I’m going to give you two podcasts this week and guess who’s the feature! Two podcasts that I’ve been interviewed in. Enjoy!

Please leave your feedback and let me know what you loved about them and maybe what you didn’t like about them. Because there’s always room for improvement and I would love your feedback! So, have a listen to these two and let me know what you think. And then when you do that find some new ones! And let me know how good they are. Have a good week!

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