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Passionate Motivational Speaker – Nat Cook

Nat Cook is a passionate Australian motivational speaker who inspires and encourages people to live their dreams. Nat lights up the stage with her enthusiasm and charisma, teaching captivated audiences to be courageous about taking steps towards their personal and professional goals.

A five time Olympian, Nat knows from first hand experience what it takes to keep focused on a long-term goal. She understands that every major achievement in life starts with a dream, which becomes part of a journey. Success happens when you stop making excuses and start acting. If you’re looking for a passionate motivational speaker, you’ve found her!


Nat knows how to turn dreams into actions

Nat’s dream started when she was just 8 years old. Watching her swimming hero, Lisa Curry, win Olympic gold, she decided then and there that she was going to be a champion. It’s this single-minded devotion to a dream that Nat shares with her audience as a motivational speaker. That first hand understanding of what’s required physically, socially and psychologically to achieve a sense of focus and truly live your dream life.
“Everyone is worthy of success no matter the circumstances. Everyone can be a hero” – Nat Cook.


A motivational speaker who connects with every audience

Natalie engages her audience by sharing her experiences and stories as an athlete, but also by discussing her success as a businesswomen, brand ambassador and activist. Her foundation ‘Live Out Loud’ advocates for fighting childhood obesity in Australia, a cause about which Nat is really passionate.

Nat Cook knows how to connect with people. Her matter-of-fact speaking style makes her relatable and relevant to a diversity of audiences, from school assemblies to corporate conferences and fundraising events.

“Natalie knows how to draw a parallel between the challenges in sport and business and can explain the formula required to be the best at what you do. Everyone enjoyed hearing Natalie speak. She has a relatable, lively approach, a great Aussie sense of humour, and a great story of ‘dream, struggle, and victory.” – Mike Taylor, P.B. McKenna & Associates.

As one of the few female motivational speakers on the circuit, Nat Cook confesses, “men like that I can talk eye to eye with them. From beach volleyball to bikinis…I don’t mind a bit of banter and heckling from the stage depending on the audience”. She stresses, though, “The purpose of my presentation is to have them think that they can do it too. Whatever that may be.”

Nat Cook is a motivational speaker who uses the parallels between sport and business to showcase ways that anyone can follow his or her dreams. A natural communicator, Nat is an individual who understands what’s required to be the best. Are you ready to write your own success story?


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