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How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated For A Long Time

After five Olympic Games and twenty years as an Olympian, the number one question I got asked and still get asked is – how did I stay motivated for so long? So because I kept getting asked the question initially I’d give little answers. You know like ‘oh I love it’ or ‘it was all about going to the Olympics’, which of course it was. But I really tried to reverse engineer and work out what it was that kept me going for such a long time. And to be the best at the game for such a long time.

So I designed a program for you; to really go through all the skills and strategies because I can’t talk about them in one minute or two minutes or even an hour. So I designed a 30-day video program, which are videos every morning. You’ll get them delivered to your inbox every morning for 30 days that run through all the strategies.

So you sign up for that at to get your free 30-day motivational series on how to stay motivated for a long time. You’ll get tips and strategies every single day little only short two-minute videos. So I thought I would give you one today to have a look at. So enjoy this one and hopefully if you like it go and sign up to all 30. See you next week!

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