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How Motivational Speakers Can Change Your Workplace

How Motivational Speakers Can Change Your Workplace

You’ve tried everything from staff room perks, to pay rises, incentive programs and social clubs, but nothing seems to give your employees the drive and motivation they need. There’s something you may not have considered though and that’s the power of motivational speakers.

Next time your team needs a lift, consider some of these reasons why motivational speakers are such a good investment. Book an impressive, engaging speaker for your next conference or team bonding day and watch the productivity of your business go through the roof!

Motivational speakers speak from experience

Motivating employees is often about engaging them on a personal level, which is why motivational speakers are powerful in their ability to share their relatable personal experiences of struggle and success. There’s a huge difference between a manager doing their best to motivate employees in a training room and someone who has achieved highly in their field describing the tools they used to face challenges. It’s human nature for people to seek inspiration from people who have actually triumphed through adversity. Good motivational speakers also have the ability to relate your employees’ experience and expertise to their own experience, in effect triggering emotional cues and delivering new points of view.

Motivational speakers can alter perspectives

So, why is it important that motivational speakers help to alter perspectives? Well, it’s likely your employees work on the same tasks every day and that can be somewhat draining for anyone. The last thing you want to encounter is employee burnout. Motivational speakers have the ability to help your employees see these mundane tasks in a completely different light. When they can view the tasks from a different perspective, minds can be opened to new ideas and new approaches.

Motivational speakers assist with change

Given the ever-changing state of the economy and the world, change is inevitable, but so few people like it and embrace it. Being unable to embrace change as a business could be detrimental to progress and although it’s definitely not easy, motivational speakers have the ability to show how change can in fact be a positive for businesses and individuals alike.

Motivational speakers improve team work

Although a business is made up of many individuals with their own agendas, team work is often the key to improving efficiency. But often, this is much easier said than done. Teams need to be focused on the same goals and have the same understanding of objectives. Motivational speakers are powerful in explaining why team work is essential as well as tapping into the emotional psyche of individuals to build a sense of commitment and enthusiasm. This will, in turn, encourage a focus on common goals instead of individual ones.

Motivational speakers can tap into the personal side of employees

Employees’ performance at work is as much about what’s happening for them at home as it is about what’s happening in the office. Employees are a lot more than well-oiled machines, they have families, emotions, challenges and ambitions that need to be balanced with their everyday employment. We all know how difficult the ‘work-life’ balance can be to achieve.

When employees lack a good ‘work-life balance’ it’s easy for them to lack energy and enthusiasm. But, you guessed it, motivational speakers can bring this energy and enthusiasm back with vigour. Motivational speakers have been there themselves, faced with the challenges of prioritising work, family and lifestyle with their career ambitions. It’s through this experience that they can deliver and relate ideas on how your employees may be able to improve their health and wellbeing, manage stress and balance exercise, family and relationships.

Motivational speakers CAN improve motivation and morale

Running a business isn’t easy and it’s certainly far more than seeking new prospects and building market share. The human element is key to reaching your business goals and managing people is a fine balance of supporting the professional and personal sides of those who drive your business.

The ability of motivational speakers to improve motivation and morale is obvious just based on the last five points. They inspire, they bring about meaning in things that previously had no meaning and they tap into the personal needs of the human faces behind your business.

The insights, expertise and experiences shared by truly memorable motivational speakers will be forever engrained in the minds of employees. You’ll find them chatting about the things they’ve learned, drawing on these messages when work becomes draining, when change occurs, when teams find themselves at a crossroad, or even when things are tough at home.

The key is not to think of hiring motivational speakers as a one-off investment for short term gain; it’s an investment that will continue to pay dividends over the long term.

Nat Cook is one of Australia’s best motivational speakers. If you’re keen to see the MASSIVE benefit she can have on the human element of your business, contact Nat TODAY!



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