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Video Transcript: FOOD FOR THE SOUL!

Oh my goodness I just had the best outdoor shower and look at that sunset! I thought I’d start with the sunset to show you how awesome it is but now you can see me, so yes I am wearing a towel just in case!!

This is a really random video but I was having my outdoor shower in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia and I thought of you and I thought this is about doing something that’s good for your soul.

So I’ve probably had five outdoor shower at nights in a row and I think I’m gonna have it for the next month as I stay here in Nova Scotia. Because it really smelling the fresh air seeing the sunsets,  back to the sunset, look at that; is just amazing! Really we need to do things for our soul more often whether that’s walking the dog, whether that’s going to the beach, whether that’s playing golf, whether that’s doing yoga, whether it’s going to the gym, whatever it is that you think is good for your soul is something you need to put on the top of your list and do it more often. So write down what’s good for your soul and go about making it happen. For me this month is outdoor shower month, thanks for sharing and enjoy whatever it is that you will do for your soul! Sounds a bit weird in my towel but yes remember I am wearing a towel! Have a good night!
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