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Five TED Talks On Motivation

Push aside some of the negativity the Internet can dish out and you’ll find a positivity gold mine in the form of TED talks on motivation. If I can recommend one thing to get your day off to an awesome start, it’s to watch one of these. Watch it while you have breakfast, set up your iPad and watch it while you have a shower or while you travel to work on the bus or train. The great thing is that TED talks are short and sweet, watch one in a sitting or watch a couple for twice the motivation.

There are over 2300 TED talks on offer and so I thought I’d lead you in the right direction and select five TED talks on motivation which I think you’ll love and benefit from, ones that will have you considering different perspectives, that will lift you up and help you reach those goals you’ve been finding it hard to reach in your personal and work life.

Five TED talks on motivation you really need to watch

How to feel like the Incredible Hulk – Tim Ferriss

You may recall Tim Ferriss from his bestselling book The 4-Hour Work Week in which he shares how he streamlined his work processes in such a way that turned him from a workaholic to a man of leisure. Critics were divided on the book and whether his ideas were actually achievable but his TED talk leaves no question and instead encourages a perspective shift when it comes to conquering fear. By the end of the talk, Tim wants you to feel like the Incredible Hulk just by understanding the difference between being effective and being efficient and then deconstructing your fears. Tim believes that once you master this, you can learn anything.

The power of introverts – Susan Cain

This is one for the quiet and introspective folks and while it may not be a talk on motivation, it certainly will motivate. In a world where extroversion is favoured and promoted, although a third to half of the world’s population are introverts according to Susan Cain, Cain is a woman who champions introversion, her TED talk is extremely empowering.

You’ll definitely have some ‘aha’ moments in this one, about why you made the choices you did as an introvert, and why you thrive in some environments and not others. Cain’s talk just makes sense, although you may have never thought of introversion this way before. You’ll be surprised at some of the famous leaders who Cain quotes that are or were introverts. If you’ve got your eye on a leadership role but think your chances are slim because you are an introvert, Cain explains why introverts can actually make better leaders, a perfect supporting argument in your quest to reach your goals.

Living beyond limits – Amy Purdy

How are you at overcoming obstacles? Are you easily let down and find it hard to get back on your feet or do you grab the bull by its horns and get on with life? Many of us are the former, letting thoughts and emotions get in the way of completing the puzzle but it’s likely you’ll look at overcoming obstacles in a whole different light and with a sense of optimism after watching Amy Purdy talk. After losing both her legs below the knee to meningitis, Amy was still able to draw inspiration from a huge obstacle, she even became a pro snowboarder! Watch as Amy tells her story of how she went from being physically and emotionally broken to a determined and inspired young woman who wouldn’t change a thing.

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes – Andy Puddicombe

Do you have 10 minutes spare? Of course you do, you’re here reading this article! But have you ever tried doing absolutely nothing for 10 minutes every day – No social media, no talking, no thinking? In his motivational TED talk, mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe talks about the huge benefits of doing absolutely nothing for 10 minutes every day. He insists you don’t need to sit in a cross-legged yoga pose or burn incense, just switch off and be in the present. With our minds constantly racing at top speed and our lives as busy as ever, we are so distracted and stressed yet never quite present. Puddicombe insists that there is something that can be done for our minds to be healthier and shares his expertise on the positive, practical, achievable and scientifically proven effects of mindfulness

Try something new for 30 days – Matt Cutts

How many times have you put off trying something new? You get so busy you tell yourself you’ll try it next week or next month. In his short but sweet TED Talk, Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, shares a different perspective on setting and achieving goals by trying something new for 30 days. He suggests that 30 days is just the right amount of time you need to add a new habit or subtract an old one, why not start your something new today and see where it takes you!

In our current technological society, we are so lucky to have access to talks like these. They can make a huge difference to people’s lives and are presented in a way that everyone can relate to and understand, even if there is science and psychology involved!

Why not bookmark this article so you have it on hand and can watch these TED talks on motivation in the times you’re feeling stressed, worried or just down in the dumps and you need a boost. They’ll provide you with a much needed break away from the usual and they’re a great positivity kick starter. Actually, watch them when you ARE feeling good because the other great thing about TED talks is that they are so damn interesting and it’s likely you’ll learn something new during each talk, guaranteed.

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