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Female Athlete Motivation

Female Athlete Motivation

Being a female athlete is not for the faint-hearted. It can be incredibly difficult to remain motivated and keep your eyes on the prize. A motivational speaker can give you a boost, but it will be a waste of time if they don’t have an intricate knowledge that sets female athletes apart from their male counterparts: the psychology of female athlete motivation. It’s now universally accepted that the sort of techniques long-relied on to motivate male athletes are counterproductive when it comes to motivating female athletes. They actually do more harm than good! It logically follows that female motivational speakers have a unique advantage in understanding these differences. Five-time Olympian Natalie Cook can help you power up your motivation levels and use these differences to achieve the sporting success you dream of.

Differences between male and female athletes and the psychology of motivation

A number of psychological studies point to significant differences in the way the female brain processes information and responds to stressors. Recognising that male and female athletes think differently is the first hurdle to finding the right motivational tools to achieve the success you’re after. Sure, scientific studies have highlighted the anatomical differences between female and male brains: female brains tend to be slightly smaller than male brains, but are more densely-packed, incorporating a similar number of brain cells. The most astonishing point of difference lies with the way we, as females, process information, relate to others and solve problems. We’re much more complex and group-focussed, and much less primal and individualistic. The role played by hormones and brain chemistry can’t be understated when it comes to motivating a female athlete to achieve extraordinary success.

Harnessing the differences between male and female athlete motivation to power your way to success

As a five-time Olympian and gold medallist, Natalie Cook has an intricate understanding of the differences between female and male athlete motivation. Yes, you can read about the psychology of female athlete motivation in a book, but it can be hard to translate those words into action. Who better to show you the right motivational tools and techniques than someone who has lived through the ups and downs of successfully competing as an elite athlete at international level? With her proven track record of Olympic medal success and longevity competing at the highest level in her sport, Natalie Cook realises that female athletes:

  • Compete for different reasons to their male counterparts
  • Respond to stressors differently to their male counterparts
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Know that winning isn’t everything
  • Thrive in a caring environment
  • Value good relationships with teammates, coaches and even their competitors
  • Can be under pressure from unexpected sources
  • May suffer from lower self-esteem

Her grasp of the psychology of female athlete motivation dovetails beautifully with her own personal experiences of the sweet highs and bitter lows along the way to success. This makes her an empathetic and engaging female motivational speaker, able to connect with any audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend competitor or you’re aiming to follow a similar trajectory to elite competition on the world stage, if you’re a female athlete looking to boost your motivation and to sharpen your focus, Natalie Cook can give you the insight and tools you need.

Knowing when you need to boost your motivation levels

You might find it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning for training. You might have fallen out of love with your sport. You might even feel ready to throw in the towel. Natalie Cook recognises that there are many things that can lead to poor motivation. She has experienced all of them and fought her way back to the top!

Injuries and their effect on motivation

If you’re recovering from a sports-related injury or surgery it can be extremely difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It can be hard to picture yourself fully recovered and back to training at full capacity. The hours of physiotherapy that lie ahead can appear as an insurmountable obstacle. It’s tempting to lose sight of the bigger picture and the success you’ve worked towards for years. You might be tempted to give in. Don’t. Natalie Cook didn’t. She can motivate you to get back to form.

When success feels like it’s slipping through your fingers

Anyone can encounter a crippling loss or a painful setback, even the best athletes in the world. It’s how you harness these and use them to refocus that’s important. It’s not exactly second nature to strive for success when success feels almost impossible to achieve, but it is something you can learn to do and perfect. Natalie Cook did.

When you don’t feel like you have a cheer squad on your side

The world’s more accepting of male athletes whose success comes at the expense of everything else. You’re probably juggling paid work, study, training, nutrition. On top of that you probably have family and friends, even kids, vying for your time and attention. Unless you’re completely surrounded by like-minded individuals, the people around you might not always understand why you can’t stay out late, eat what you want or skip training to be with them. They might not do it intentionally, but their words and actions can slowly erode your motivation and sap your energy levels. Sticking to your guns and focussing on your goals in the face of pressure to do otherwise can be isolating. But it doesn’t have to be lonely. You can gain insight by listening to a female athlete who has walked the same path and encountered those difficulties too, but has managed to achieve extraordinary success. Natalie Cook can teach you to become your own biggest fan and your very own cheer squad.

Who better to understand the dynamics of female athlete motivation than someone with a proven track record of competing successfully as an elite athlete at Olympic level? Natalie Cook has an intricate understanding of what best motivates a female athlete. What’s more, she can show you how to harness it to unleash your potential, both on and off the sports field.

Motivation levels flagging? Rediscover your passion for your sport and book Natalie Cook, female motivational speaker, today!

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