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Does the consistency theory actually work?

Does The Consistency Theory Actually Work?

Video Transcript > Does the consistency theory actually work?

G’day! I just thought I’d come to you from the back of my Jeep boot because I’ve just finished four days in a row of yoga! Four days! Like that’s the most I’ve ever done in a row. And this is on my consistency challenge. And as I’ve talked about before, you know let’s see what happens when you become consistent.

Being consistent does pay off

So just want to share that after four days in a row of yoga, I’ve done something I’ve never done in yoga before after four years of practice! And I’ve been doing yoga maybe twice a week for four years. But once you start to be even more consistent little things start to add up to become bigger things. So it is only a little thing but I finally got my bum to touch my heels in what we call child’s pose in yoga. So for the Yogi’s you’ll know what I mean. Everyone else I may post a picture for you to have a look at but I can’t do a selfie video and show you my yoga pose.

Have you been following the consistency theory?

But have you been going with your consistency? Is it paying off? And sometimes, you know like I said I’ve been doing yoga for four years! And it’s only just paying off now because I just upped my consistency a little bit more. So if there’s something you want in your life that you feel like you’re doing a little bit consistently, let’s up it just a little bit and see if you can get greater results. So that’s it for the week! See you next week!

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