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Hi from Hong Kong, I am literally feeling like I’m on top of the world well maybe not the world but definitely Hong Kong and the way we got up here to Victoria Peak was on this tram that was literally on an angle that felt like it was straight up and if you’re at the bottom looking up at the top of Victoria Peak it feels like it’s a lot of effort it feels like it’s a long way and when you’re sitting in the tram the forces that come against you and the effort it took to pull the tram up was enormous and then when you get on top of the peak and look down it looks like you’re flying and you’re on top of the world.

So if you take that analogy to your life and to your goals and to the vision you have for your life. The best place to create the vision is actually from the top so put yourself on the top of your mountain, put yourself on top of your world and what would you like your life to be in 30 days, in one year, in five years, in ten years and from there you could write it down. Write down the vision for your life create what you would like your life to be like from the top of the mountain, from the top of the world and then take a look down because I guarantee going down you’ll have the wind behind you instead of in your face. You will have momentum behind you, you will have all the forces that push you down the mountain and it’s a lot easier to achieve your vision when you start at the top and run downhill versus standing at the bottom and looking up. Which always looked harder when you’re at the bottom looking up so here I am on top of Hong Kong on top of the world and I think it is the best place to create your vision to create your life so good luck see you next week!

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