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Consistency Is Key - Nat Cook

Consistency is key – find your why to stay motivated

Video Transcript > Consistency Is Key!

Howdy! Welcome to 2017. Well we’re well on the way and I have spent the last 10 minutes, I’m a bit hot and bothered, walking around trying to find a spot to do a video. After walking Jordan for two hours in the pram and her not going to sleep, so now she’s eating on my balcony and hopefully I’ll get some peace to talk to you. I’m sure, no doubt, that I’ll be walking Jordan a lot and talking to you over the next 12 months, and I just wanted to touch base on people’s resolutions. If you have a resolution about health or business or relationships and you’ve made the first step, you’ve done something about it, congratulations! The best way to follow through or finish something is to start, so you’re well on your way. If you haven’t started it’s still not too late. There is plenty of time to get on the horse.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

One of the things people ask me all the time is: “How do you stay motivated?” and “How do you stay committed or focused to a goal or a resolution?” It really is about making a decision that that’s what you want. So no longer in 2017 is it enough to make a decision. You have to make a decisive decision. That really means you have to really want it and not only that, you’ve got to understand WHY you want it.

Building Consistency

So a friend of mine, who also helps me with my website, Alistair from Media Heroes has said, “Natalie, your problem is that you aren’t consistent”. And now he’s talking about my social media, he’s talking about my website. I looked at him and I said, “Well I’m consistent in a lot of areas in my life, like walking Jordan, like when I was training for the Olympics”. I wanted to really find out why I was consistent then, and it’s because I wanted it really bad. You know, I’ve got my baby girl now and she deserves to be out in the open in the fresh air, and for the Olympics, like I really wanted to go, so I knew that training was important.

Understand Your ‘Why’

So for your resolution, really understand WHY. Why you want to achieve it and what difference it will make in your life? So then, what’s really important for me? Why do I want to talk to you every week? So my goal in conjunction with Alistair, who’s been pushing me, is to speak to every week about a topic. I don’t know what it’s going to be on, but let’s see. So every week I’ll chat to you…and why do I want to do that? Because so many people have asked me how they stay motivated. So my WHY is to help people. To help people get to what they want. I’m sure you’ve been the same, where you’ve started something and haven’t finished.

Doing One Action At A Time Over And Over And Over

In 2017, I want it to be the year YOU achieve YOUR goals and you finish something. So my WHY is to help you achieve your goals. My other why is to prove Alistair wrong, so that makes me very motivated too, and a lot of the time we do it to prove to ourselves or to other people. So I’ll be with you every week for this year, 2017, to help you achieve your goals. So remember consistency, remember that it’s just about getting up and taking one step at a time, doing one action at a time over and over and over and if you understand why you’re doing it, it makes it a lot easier. So really sit down and have a think about why, have a think about what it will do to your life if you follow through and actually achieve it and let’s get everyone achieving their goals and being consistent.

I’ll see you on my walk hopefully one day soon…definitely next week.


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